Interview Phaze I (By Carla Morton)

Interview Phaze I (By Carla Morton)

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Phaze I is a French Progressive/Black/Thrash metal band which have released until now two albums and for sure soon they might release new materials. Here is an interview with the two brothers, Franck and David Potvin who answered the questions about Phaze I.
298551_487272001291157_1852243532_n Hello David and Franck, how things are going?
Franck: Pretty good, thank you ! I love summer time. It’s perfect to play music in the garden with friends.
David: Good, we’re having a good time!

Tell me when did Phaze I was founded?
David: Phaze I was founded in 2005 with Franck and Dirk. The project is older since I composed the music around 2001/2002. It took a long time to find a drummer and to find how to finalize the concept with the vocal parts.

In 2006 you have released the self-titled album, how the recordings were going?
Franck: The recording went really crazy. It was our very first homemade recording. We did it in our old rehearsal room with rats and some other strange animals.
I remember I recorded my vocals in 1 night. That was so intense.
David: We actually borrowed a lot of equipment to some friends. The sound Engineer of Lyzanxia, one of our other band, helped us a lot to build up the home studio. One everything was set up, Dirk came 3 days to record his drum parts. Then we finished the recording of the guitars and bass. As Franck said, we recorded all the vocals in 1 night with no idea of what we wanted to do. We just had the lyrics and the anger to be inspired, haha! I remember that we were also working on the One-Way Mirror project with Guillaume Bideau during the nights of the instruments recording, so it was pretty exhaustive actually!

What can you tell me about ”Uprising”, the album released last year via WormHoleDeath records?
David: Yes, it came out last year. We really wanted to make a second album, but we had to find the time to record it. We have several projects, so sometimes it’s complicated to synchronize the schedules of everybody. That’s why it took a long time. The music was composed just after the release of the debut album though. We recorded Uprising at Dirk’s studio the Die Crawling studio in Los Angeles and in our studio the Dome studio in France. Then I mixed and mastered it. I have to say that it was great to record at home, even if we recorded the vocals in 1 night once again! I guess it’s our way of working on vocals with this band!
1970962_729446130407075_1952280308_n Who mainly writes the lyrics?
David: I write the lyrics. You can find them in the booklet of Uprising, or on our website for the first album. If you like stories with monsters, atrocity and blood, then it’s for you!

Are you going to release a new album soon?
Franck: We really want to make a new album for sure and Dirk, he is waiting for the songs to work on it. As Phaze I is a special project, we need time to make it and set the schedule of everyone. Dirk is really busy with Soilwork and we are busy too with One-Way Mirror, our recording studio and some other projects.
But as soon as we’ll start the composition process and everything will be fast.

What are the band’s influences?
Franck: We like bands like Emperor, Edge Of Sanity and Strapping Young Lad. But I guess our main influences for this project come from the soundtrack or the music design of some movies like Alien etc. I guess we can say that our influences are not only coming from music but also from other arts, like painting or sculpting. We work hand to hand with Alain Tréhard who does our artwork and in some ways his art influence us too. He got a very special way to turn things of life in an artistic way. It could be apocalyptic or violent, but always with a certain beauty. It’s a big chance we have to work with Alain.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
Franck: Not so far. That would be possible, but very complicated at this time. Again, we need to manage everyone’s schedule and hire some extra musicians. As the band is a real concept if we play live we have to make a real show with big lights, decor and so on. We can’t play live like how we do with our other bands. It has to be big or nothing I guess.

Do you have a message for the Phaze I fans?:
David: Stay brutal! Thanks for reading this interview!
Franck: Thank you for following the band and stay strong

Thank you both for your time, all the best!
Both: Thanks, and see you on!

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