Interview: Ravencult

Interview: Ravencult

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Hailing from Athens, Greece, Ravencult are masters of a relentless melding of Black and Thrash Metal and with their brilliant new album Force Of Profination which is out now on Metal Blade Records they are spreading their web of darkness even further. We had a chat with guitarist Stef to hear all about the new album, the bands history, Metal in Greece, signing with Metal Blade and meeting Tom G Warrior.

Can you give us a quick history lesson about Ravencult?

Ravencult  stands for Athens black/thrash morbidity since 2001. Apart from a series of demos and EPs, we have released 3 full length albums with latest one being “Force Of Profanation” on Metal Blade Records. We’re a live act and have toured in more than 20 countries throughout the years.

How would you describe the music of Ravencult?

Sinister Black Metal combined with old, evil thrash of the 80s.

Who are some of the bands influences?

Influences vary from extreme black/death/thrash to classic heavy metal. Early Celtic Frost, “Hell Awaits” era from Slayer and old Mayhem should be some of my inspirations.

What was it like starting such an extreme band in Greece?

It has always been a natural urge to glorify the primitive sound. Despite the difficulties, we have been determined enough to overcome them and keep the band active and growing.

Rotting Christ are the biggest extreme metal band to come from Greece. You have covered their song Inside The Eye Of Algond in the past. We’re the band a big influence on you as young Metalheads.

Sure, I’m a huge fan of their early era. They are pioneers in what they do, great guys with the proper attitude too. They’ve been in the front line of the battle for 25+ years, also one of the originators of Black Metal’s second wave in the late 80s/early 90s.

Are there any new Greek bands that you can recommend to us?

I’ve been into Thy Darkened Shade (BM), Awe (BM), Abyssus (DM) and Menace (thrash) lately, you seriously need to check those out.

Your new album Force Of Profanation is out soon. Can you tell us a bit about it?

“Force Of Profanation” includes 8 tracks of relentless pounding, serving the cause of direct attack throughout the album. It’s our own perspective of how merciless black/thrash metal sounds like.

How did the recording of the album go?

It went really well. This time, being well organized and backed up by Metal Blade, we had the chance to carefully choose the sound engineer, studio, equipment exactly the way we wanted to achieve what you hear on the new album.

Will you be touring in support of Force Of Profanation?

Yes, we have plans for touring Europe and elsewhere, as we always do to support our albums. With “Force Of Profanation” our aim is to march into new territories and play in countries we’ve never played before.

Is the album a continuation of the themes on your last album Morbid Blood?

If you mean lyrically, yes. Musically, the new album is a lot harsher than “Morbid Blood”, also faster in pace. We felt like delivering an album without melodies or slow parts, maximizing the aggression and morbidity.

What are some of the songs on Force Of Profanation about?

Lyrics apply to our conceptual axis of Revenge/Horror/Mocking of the holy. The archetype of the Devil is also present everywhere, as our spear against organized religion and as a symbol of strong will and disobedience.

Who did the artwork for the album?

Responsible for the artwork is Alexander Brown from New Zealand. Our vision for the front cover was a horrid force reigning over holy ground. Alex did complete our idea in the best possible way, visualizing what you hear on the album.

What is the Ravencult live experience like?

A feast of tension and sonic violence.

Which bands would Ravencult love to tour with?

Venom, Slayer, Possessed, Aura Noir, Inquisition.

What has been the best tour or show you have ever done?

All shows/tours are special in their own way. If I had to choose a few, I would firstly say our headline show in Athens 3 years ago for the Morbid Blood album, in a packed club of 500+ maniacs that honored us with their presence. Also, our first gig in Sweden two years ago at the Morkaste Smaland festival headlining the underground stage right before mighty Tom G Warrior & Triptykon tormented the main stage.

How did the signing to Metal Blade come about?

Metal Blade offered us a deal in a time when we were finalizing the compositions of the new album. We accepted the offer without hesitation as we are really focused on what we do and not willing to alter/softer our sound in any way.


How are you finding life on such a legendary label?

Our mission stays the same, difference is working on our stuff under better conditions. Having more exposure to our releases is fine with us as we’ve never kept our music for secret. Nothing will change artistically though as we have a clear vision and strong mentality behind the band.

Your track Into Depths is on the Metal Massacre 14 compilation. That must have been a big thrill with all the amazing bands that have featured on past volumes?

Sure it’s been an honor to be part of the most legendary compilation. We’re only on the digital release though but it’s nice to be part of that anyway.

You have done splits in the past few years with Thou Art Lord and Omega. Who would you love to do a split release with in the future?

Definitely Necromantia, but I’m not sure if they’ll keep it alive for much longer.

You have covered Nocturnal Fear by Celtic Frost and Massacra by Hellhammer in the past. What other tracks would you like to give the Ravencult treatment?

In past live shows we’ve also covered Zemial – Noctunal Witch, Onslaught – Thermonuclear Devastation, Bathory – Sacrifice and once we did Darkthrone’s “Fucked Up And Ready To Die” amongst others. For the future, maybe Varathron, but only for a studio cover.

What is your favourite Celtic Frost album and have you ever met Tom G Warrior?

I would say the Noise CD version of Morbid Tales/Emperor Return because I get two releases in one. And, in my opinion, the finest together with “To Megatherion” of course. Celtic Frost are gods. I did actually meet Tom Warrior when we played in Sweden as I mentioned earlier. It was the biggest honor meeting the man whose music truly changed my life. He’s humble and down to earth, all hails to the mighty Warrior.

Who has been the best band you have ever seen live?

They’re so many. From classic metal it has to be Iron Maiden. From extreme metal I’ll say Slayer.

What does the future hold for Ravencult?

Shows to support “Force Of Profanation”, some re-releases of earlier material that is out of stock and a new album within the next 2 years. Thanks for the interview, the primitive sound returns…

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