Interview Right To The Void (By Carla Morton)

Interview Right To The Void (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Paul, the guitar player of the French Melodic Death metal band, Right To The Void.



Hey Paul, how things are going?
Hi ! I’m fine, cold sunday here in France.

About the band, when was it founded?
The band was founded sometime in 2008.

You have released last year the second album ”Light Of The Fallen Gods”. Tell me about it.
Yes we recorded and released our 2nd album in 2014. A lot of work was put into it ! The band is evolving at its own pace and hopefully you can hear it on this record.

Did you receive good reviews about the album?
Yes, the reviews are pretty positive for the most part. We had good feedbacks that will help us going further in our music writing.

Kingdom Of Vanity” is the debut album released in 2013, same via WormHoleDeath records, tell me a few words about it.
“Kingdom Of Vanity” was a very good experience for us as a band, it helped us grow a lot ! We established our roots, in our music and in our relationships with our label and the recording studio (Mathlab, Italy). A very important part of our lives, as every first album I guess, haha.

Will you release a new album soon?
We are working on new material as we speak. It will take time because our music is changing quite a lot and the band is, too. I can’t tell more right now but people will be surprised I think, I hope so !

What are the band’s influences and what are the lyrical themes?
Well, the band is very influenced by the 90’s Swedish Melodic Death metal era and a lot of others stuffs combined together. The more the influences, the better !

Any shows confirmed for this year?
2015 is coming to an end and we don’t have much show planned for what’s left of this year. But we are booking a lot of shows for 2016 and some outside of France !

A message for those who enjoy the Right To The Void?
Thank you very much for listening to our music, for supporting us in any way. Expect some new stuff from us next year !

Thank you Paul, cheers and all the best!
Thank you ! Des bisous!

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