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An interview with guitarist Sakis of the Greek funeral doom metal band, Shattered Hope. He talked about the new album Vespers– concept, sound, media response, relationship with Solitude Productions and others.

It passed 6 years to release a new album. Why took you so long?
Well, we started composing songs for the new album early in 2014 but in the way we had to change drummer two times, so this took us back. Finally, when the album was ready the situation with covid-19 made us to delay some months more.

Gonna admit that I was just scrolling into Youtube and I discovered your new album Vespers and you know, one word, amazing! A melacholic album I’d say, with long tracks. What’s the album concept?
Thank you very much for your kind words! The concept of Vespers has to do mostly with war and all the consequences it brings to all the human beings and life in general.

What can you tell me about the sound, do you consider Vesper’s is different than the previous albums?
From album to album we want to have something different to our sound. Waters of Lethe was chaotic, slow and deep. Vespers is more melodic but -in my opinion- we managed to keep all this dark feeling to our music. A feeling that can be found in our whole discography.

Is there anything in particular that you like about Vespers?
I really like the album in all aspects, but particularly love the fact that we used more clean vocals here. I also like the parts of the lyrics written in our mother tongue.

How is Vespers response by the media and the fans so far?
We are really excited by the response of the media and the fans so far. The feedback is so possitive and gives us the strength to continue working harder.

Describe funeral doom, associated with Shattered Hope music.
I believe Funeral Doom is not only slow riffs with deep growls. It depends on the lyric themes and the stories it describes. With less words it’s all about the feeling of death it creates.

Since the first release, you are signed with Solitude Productions. How is it to work with them?
We are really happy to be part of Solitude Productions family. It is a label which has helped many doom bands to make their first steps and that’s respectful. Our collaboration is really nice and we hope it stays like this.

What’s your opinion about the Greek metal scene today?
Greek metal scene is getting bigger and bigger. If you look bands like Rotting Christ and Septicflesh you will realise that they are pioneers in what they do. Apart from these, many new greek bands are increasing their popularity worldwide and that is only good for all the greek scene.

You and the other band member, George, are also part of Tenebrae Semitarius. As I know, there is just an EP released many years ago. What is the current band activity, a new album someday?
Well, George is a great friend but unfortunately he is not still in the band. We made with him the Tenebrae Semitarius project some years ago but we haven’t planned anything new with this in the future. But who knows someday…

Thanks a lot for this interview Sakis. Hope to see you one day on the road. Cheers!
Thank you so much for the interview and your interest in our music. Hope to see you too. Cheers!

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