Interview: SHODAN

Interview: SHODAN

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Death, Rule Over Us is the brand new album by Polish death metallers, Shodan and aswell, I am suggesting to check this band out.
Here`s an interview I had with Shodan’s mastermind, Szczepan Inglot (vocals and guitar), about the new album (musical direction, theme), label and others.

Hello and thanx accepting the interview. First, from where the name of Shodan and why did you choose this band name?
Hello there! The band’s name is taken from main antagonist of the game series System Shock. Shodan was a nasty artificial intelligence on space station who gained it’s own consciousness, decided to eradicate human race and replace it with own organic-based lifeforms.

Death, Rule Over Us is your new album, what is the musical direction you went through the album?
Well, we did not plan as Death, Rule Over Us to sound in this way or another. We’ve just made the music we like. It is a sum of all the stuff we listen ourselves- apart of classsic death metal I personally appreciate coldwave stuff and proggresive things. I think we’ve manage to incorporate all those aspects in our music.

Why Death Rule Over Us?
Death is a driver for fear, action, driver for creation of a religion since like forever. It rules over us. It creates emotions and needs that no one who has never witnessed it before will not comprehend.

The sound is very aggresive, fast, harsh vocals, what else can you add about the album?
Well to me it is much more than a straight-forward, punishing death metal album. You can find here 2 over 8 minutes progressive structured tracks: doomsday melody and I have crowned myself, a lot of post-punk influenced melodies, clean passages, old school motorhead drive.. There’s a lot of spices in that soup but this is what I think makes it unique and our own.

As on the previous release, we can talk about riffs on the new one too. Do you consider that the riffs are somehow, layered same time as the vocals?
Well, yes. Vocals are definitely  layered together with guitars, and all the rest.

Bassplayer, Tomasz, joined Shodan after the release of Protocol Of Dying. What was his contribution on the new album writing process?
He was not that engaged into the writting proces due to his daily job and contribution in big touring with Hate. But there’s some of his ideas on this record. For example finishing part of the opening one – “Breslau”. He’s a great guy with a great sense of what bass should be playing so I rely on his expertise on bass arrangements.

Previous label was Defense records, for the new album you changed the label, within Deformeathing production. Why this label change?
Protocol of Dying was released by both Defense Records and Deformeathing Production at the same time. Those two were cooperating. What I think is that with Deformeathing we had a good relationship and overall better contact but I will be forever grateful to Piotr, the owner of Defense recs for discovering our little band.

No shows for a while now, then what are you doing now in order to promote the new album more?
You’ll see. We’ve got some aces in a hole.

Mention 5 metal bands that are an influence for both you and Shodan.
Nevermore, Morbid Angel , Killing Joke, polish old school band KAT, Dissection. These are like my all time favourites.

Hope to meet and see you guys soon somewhere on the road. Cheers to you!
Cheers Carla! Looking forward to it!

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