Interview: SODOM

Interview: SODOM

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How do you feel about this concert? Did Ukraine impressed you a lot?

Tom: Yes, that was great audience, and promoter did an incredible job. It wasn’t our best equipment, but we didn’t mind. We just did the music because we are real thrash-metal fans. The audience was very good. As it was the first time we playing in Kiev. Yeah, the very first time we played in Ukraine was on festival years ago, that was a disaster, but I think you all know this story. And this time everything was perfect. Organizer really take care about everything. We look forward to come back!

It is very pleasant to hear! Well, how do you like the presents from Ukrainian fans, such as horse mask and jacket?

Tom: Oh yeah, I like it! But I couldn’t see anything and the microphone was so far away. And I couldn’t breathe, you know. But this is crazy fans and that’s why I like it. I like that vest (jacket with patches). I played two important songs in it. Very cool atmosphere and just crazy fans!

Those blowers in front of you on the stage that blow the air into your face. Are they just for cooling or maybe they’re for making you feeling handsome, as your hair is fluttering on the air?

Tom: Well, today were just TOO much of them. When on the concert I have too much of them, in few days I have a sore throat. And it’s hard to sing cause it blows right into your mouth. But it’s uncomfortable only for singer! Concerts without them on the stage are extremely hot, it much worse! You have nothing to breath, very exhausting… And with them the hair fly! (showing how hair flutter and laughs)

How do you take care of your hair?

Tom: I do nothing. I never have cuttings and don’t take care of them at all. Ok, I have conditioners sometime, it is for easy brushing.

In my age it never getting longer then I have now. Twenty years ago they were much longer. And now…

Still it’s just a hair!

Tom: Yeah, just a hair! (laughing)

Talking about metal music industry nowadays. Don’t you think that metal industry somewhere took a wrong turn along the way?Are the things alright now in your opinion?

Tom: I think the problem is we have too many new bands coming every month. In 80’s I knew everything I want about every band. Now I open some metal-magazines (you know, I got all that magazines like Metal Hammer) and I see so many groups coming every month! I lost control above this mass. There is just too much! Too much!

So many big festivals, over 100 groups can perform there. They have only 40 minutes. If there are some technic problems, you just come out of stage after yours 40 minutes. Everyone is totally deaf. That all became so commercial. And too much…

About commercial stuff. What do you think about performing with pop-stars, like Metallica did at Grammy Award with Lady Gaga? 

Tom: I hate it! You know, I have a lot of friend who are going on Metallica show tomorrow. And they tried to get tickets on it. There were 300-400 €. Just to see them! It is not metal anymore. I was a big fan of Metallica, but now I’m not. They mean nothing to me now. It’s not metal anymore.

Let’s talk about your lifestyle, some sides of your life that can be interesting for fans. As a football fan, have you ever played football yourself, maybe you do some other sports? 

Tom: When I was in the age of 12 or 14 I was in the football team. I tried everything! I tried hockey, football, I tried handball and basketball. And then I came into big music. It’s easier to do, it’s not dangerous. I don’t play, I still like watching. I’m a big football fan!

You are known as a hunter. And your recipe was published in a cookbook once. What was it? Do you remember it? 

Tom: Yeah, it was a pig… White boar steak! Recipe was made especially for this book.

How often do you cook by yourself?

Tom: Oh, I try to do it every day. I don’t have much time, but when I gave I go shopping. I buy something or hunt something… then cook it. Kill it and grill it! (laughing)

What is your attitude towards astrology?

Bernd “Bernemann” Køst: Astrologists are charlatans! (laughing)

Do you agree, Tom?

Tom: Well, I only know that we are just a small point in the Milky Way! (laughing)

I’m not really into it, but I’m interested what is behind all that universe. That’s what I’m really interested a lot. And maybe aliens there, maybe they can visit the Earth.

Do you believe in aliens?!

Tom: It’s possible, but I don’t know. I only know that universe is huge and we are just a point in our galaxy!

In one of the interviews you mentioned you want to stop smoking? But I see you are still smoking. Are you still working on it? 

Tom: That was 10 years ago! No! Not really. (view his pack of cigarettes with a picture of a hole in neck) What does this picture mean?!

Looks like a hole. Maybe cancer, I don’t know really…

Tom: I don’t know too. But you’re right. I hate myself for doing it. Next my project is quite smoking. I tried, but I never tried for a real! Maybe on day. Sometimes I say to myself: “I quite it today”. But I start smoking next morning.

How do you usually write lyrics? Do most of them come spontaneously or there is a long process of getting into the right mood? 

Tom: Well, I just watch TV every day, there’re so many bad news… Sometimes I wake up in the morning with ideas, I write them down in German, then in English. And, you know, we are living in a bad world. There are so much to write lyrics about.

So you look TV and have an inspiration?

Tom: Not only TV, of course. I read articles, but I do not write my lyrics as a newspaper article. I’m not a politic. I can’t change the world. I can only scream it out of me. Scream that it is very bad situation we are living now.

Were there any political barriers in this tour?

Tom: Before we started this tour, you know, so many people said we shouldn’t play in Kiev, cause there are so much nazis. But I said: “Why?! We are playing music not for nazis, we are playing for fans!” And today there were no nazis, as I could see. We trying to play everywhere. Well, we canceled concert in Turkey. It is dangerous, we don’t like it. But playing here… What’s a problem?! We have no political problems here.

Were there ever have misunderstandings between group members about political or historical facts interpretation?

Tom: No conflicts! We usually talk about the politic, but I did agree what they think and they did agree with what I think. We talk about situation in Germany, situation in Europe, the new president in USA, you know… It’s awful! (laughing)

And the last question. Despite of all those distressing things, can we expect new Sodom’s album in the nearest future?

Tom: Yeah! Next year. We already have some records and arrangements with record company, so yes! We are looking forward it!

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