Interview Sublime Eyes

Interview Sublime Eyes

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Interview with Jan Vinningland, the guitar player of the Norwegian Melodic Death/Thrash metal band, Sublime Eyes.


Greetings Jan, how have you been?
Hi Carla!  I’ve been great, and yourself?

When was Sublime Eyes founded?
The band started back in 2007 by Tom (guitar) and Remy (drums).


You have signed a deal with the Italian record label WormHoleDeath and you’re released the second album under the name of ”Sermons & Blindfolds”, tell me about it.
That’s right Carla! “Sermons & Blindfolds” was recorded in Italy at Realsound studio by Coruzzi Cristian and Wahoomi Corvi. The mix and master was done by legendary Lasse Lammert at LSD Studio and the artwork was done by Remi Juliebø who has made artwork for lots of famous Norwegian artists. The album is mix between new and old school thrash with lots of groove and melody. It contains 8 tracks which we are very proud of and we cant wait for you guys to hear them!


Who wrote the album?
I guess the writing process usually starts out with me and Tom putting som riffs together and then the rest of the band contribute with their stuff,so its fair to say that the whole band wrote the album.

The debut album, ”Dawn Of the Defiant”, was released in 2010 and after three years back then you have released an EP aswell entitled ”Reign Of The Sun”. Tell me also a few words about these.
The album “Dawn of the Defiant” was recorded back in 2009 at Valhalla Studio in Norway by Ragnar Nord-Varhaug. This was the last release that featured our original singer Steffen Høie. The music was more old school melodic death metal back then like At The Gates, Dimension Zero. We still try to keep some of the old elements intact,but I would say that the music has evolved a lot since then. In a good way of course.  The EP “Reign of the sun” was recorded back in 2013 at Frog Leap Studios in Norway by our  current singer Arvid Tjelta and Leo Morochiolli. Arvid  also mixed and mastered the EP. This was the last recording that featured our old bassplayer Dan Gundersen. After this release Jørn Helseth joined us for some serious bass slappin’.

What are Sublime Eye’s influences and what are the lyrical these do you focus on?
As for what influences the band has,we in the band like a lot of the same music like At The Gates, Gojira, Testament, Dimension Zero, Machine Head, but we also like a lot of diffent bands as well but I guess that’s just healthy for making music. Personally I don’t write lyrics. I suck at it hehe! Arvid who is the main lyricist usually writes about personal things,war,bad ass stuff hehe.

Are you going to tour to promote the new album?
That’s the plan! There’s not much left of 2015, so 2016 we’re gonna book concerts and play as much as possible to promote the album. We got 1 really cool gig going on in the summer, but I have to get back to you on that.

Do you have other plans about the band, beside touring?
We’re probably gonna start making new music,preproductions for a new album. We already have lots of new songs and ideas in the making.

What message do you have for the people who support and enjoy Sublime Eyes?
We want to thank all our loyal fans,family and friends who has supported us all these years,and hope we can count on your support in the future as well. We really hope you’ll like “Sermons & Blindfolds” and we will try to play at a place near you soon! We Love You All! Peace!

Takk Jan, all the best and hope to see you soon!
Thank you too,Carla. Have a good one!



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