Interview: SUNTERRA

Interview: SUNTERRA

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Hi! Robert from Antichrist magazine here. Please introduce yourself (a person who being answering my questions).
Chris: Hi, my name is Chris, bass player and founding member of SUNTERRA.

First of all, my hugest congratulations with the new Sunterra’s EP ‘Reborn’! Are you satisfied with the final result?
Chris: As most of the work happened in the sudio, we were surprised with the output. It’s better than we expected…

Why did you had so long activity’s break? 12 years is a big term…
Chris: We took a break, ’cause we had a long time together practising and playing live. We never expected, that it would be such a long break.

Ivan is a new band-member, does he completely new musicin or does he replacing some ex-musician with programming (probably Elmar)?
Chris: No, Ivan does not replace someone. He’s an extraordinary charecter and he fits perfectly to the rest of the band. He mainly is responsible for our new sound and songs.

Does ‘Reborn’ title was chosen as a sign of Sunterra’ reborn, or resurrection?
Chris: Yes, you name it. It describes the situation of the band, as a kind of ressurection. The sound is new and the image also.

You have got plenty of positive feedbacks so far, are you proud people like your stuff? Is this something you expected while album composing/recording process?
Chris: Not really. We started composing and wrote songs, that fit our demands on a modern style of music. We appreciate, that the people out there also like our new output.

You last album (‘Graceful Tunes’) was released by CCP Records, a big label as far as I know. But EP was released by NRT Records, why did you decided to change the label? Do you think CCP records lost an interest towards Sunterra during these years?
Chris: I know NRT Records since years and I value their work. Philipp Gottfried, Ceo of NRT-Records is a close Friend of me. So I asked Philipp for a collaboration and he was excited. And so far it was the best decision for us.

What can you tell us about Sunterra live performance? Of course I’ll check your live performance if you gonna to play some gig in France one day=)
Chris: We played our first concert after the hiatus in Vienna in February. It was overwhelming to see our former fans and some new guys in the crows. Our next dates are in Budapest, Bratislava, Brno and perhaps Praha. We’re looking forward to play live, it’s an extraordinary experience.

Well, would be nice to get some info about your future plans. Probably fans can’t wait for your full-length album, yeah?
Chris: We’re working for our next release, it’s gonna be a full-length album. We experience with new sounds and electronics. We let ourselves be surprised, so I can’t tell you more details.

Thank you so much for your time! Hope to see you on the stage destroying some of French clubs!
Chris: We’re also are looking forward to play in France. Hopefully it will happen very soon. Thank you for the interview.

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