Interview: Teloch (Mayhem, Nidingr, Bergeton)

Interview: Teloch (Mayhem, Nidingr, Bergeton)

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Mayhem and Nidingr’s guitar player Teloch presents a new music project under the name of Bergeton. A brand new synth wave album called Miami Murder, which I personally like, Teloch took from his time to answer some of my questions about his new release, aswell some infos about Mayhem and Nidigr.

Hi Teloch , thank you for accepting this interview. I’ll begin with, why Miami Murde?
The story is about cocaine, in a way, thats what I mean about Miami Murder. I’m thinking on how cocaine made an impact on the city back in 70-80’s. With all the murders because of it. Album cover reflects how a “lady of the night” managed to get her self killed on the hunt for cocaine, while the music video to the “Miami Murder“ song is flashes of what the murderer remembers from the night before killing that same girl. (The stripper)

Why a Lamborgini and a dead girl?
That type of car is typically used in the synthwave genre.

When have you started initially to record the music for Miami Murder and since when you got this idea for an electronic album?
Actually I wrote the album back in 2018. But due to Mayhem obligations I had no time releasing anything on my own. Had to jump on writing material for Daemon, promote it via interviews etc and also tour. The whole thing started with me trying out some sounds on my computer. I think I tried to recreate a kick drum and synth sound that I liked. Suddenly I had more than enough songs for an album.

Looking at the album cover and then listening to the song, it gives, somehow, a vibe of one of the GTA game series, GTA Vice City, aswell the vibe of some arcade games. How have you approached the sound?
You are correct. This is how the whole genre sounds in a way. Everything is inspired by 80’s movies and game music. So that’s where I wanted to go with this music as well, in addition to adding some of my own stuff.

 Miami seems to receive a positive feedback from your fans and the media. Did you expect this?
Honestly I didn’t know what to think, my main goal was to have a platform for myself to release electronic music in the future. At first I really didn’t have any plans on promotiing it much, becuase I know how much job it involves.

I like the release too, good job!
Thank you!

Would you consider in the future to release further Bergeton music?
Indeed, I’m not sure it will be in the same genre, but there will be more music for sure. I have more songs.

Talking a bit about Nidingr and Mayhem: when will we hear a new Nidingr album?
New Nidingr isn’t planned the moment, we have some stuff, but nowhere near an album. We haven’t worked on it at all lateley.

This pandemic canceled and posponed Mayhem’s tour, I think that’s a bummer for you guys that you haven’t toured much to promote the latest release Daemon… Do you think next year things wuld be better and you can tour again?
I sure hope so, but I won’t take anything for granted. There is a chance concerts as we know it will be changed, nobody knows at the moment.

I noticed that you posted more videos lately and updated your youtube page. I guess that’s what can you do during the pandemic…
Yeah, I’m trying to stay active and do some music stuff every day, lately it’s been mostly YouTube. Still learning.

Thank you Teloch for your time, it was my pleasure and hope to see you soon on the road. Cheers!
Thank you Carla. See you on the road!

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