Interview The 3rd Attempt

Interview The 3rd Attempt

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I had the pleasure having an interview with Tchort (ex-Carpathian Forest) about the black metal band, The 3rd Attempt.


When the band was born? Why the name of The 3rd Attempt?
The idea behind The 3rd Attempt came some years ago while Carpathian Forest was on a 3 years break. Blood Pervertor and I wanted to do something with the music we had written for Carpathian Forest and after quitting Carpathian Forest a few years later then we brought 3rd Attempt to life. The band name is related to suicide and suicide attempt but it can also be looked as our third attempt to use the music that we had written years ago for Carpathian Forest.

You have debuted with the album ”Born In Thorns”, tell me about it.
Some songs were written many years ago when we were working on the ’’Fuck You All’’ album with Carpathian Forest. Some songs were written later and some very recently in particular for the ’’Born in Thorns’’ album. Its a good mix of old and new and it represents The 3rd Attempt in a perfect way.

What feedback have you got for this album?
Both the album and our live shows have received great feedback and we are very honoured about that. It also proves that the songs had a birthright and that our efforts to release them paid off. The album was rewarded album of the month and even listed as album of the year in many publications so we are very satisfied with our debut.

Are you going to release a new album in the future?
We are already working on the second album and we have 3-4 songs ready by now. The aim is to release our second album in late 2016.

Is there a difference between The 3rd Attempt and Carpathian Forest’s sound?
New drummer, new vocalist and different bass player makes the sound it self different but the songs of 3rd Attempt has somewhat more melodies to them and is presented in with a different type of arrangements than what Carpathian Forest usually represents. The lyrics are also very different.


You and Blood Pervertor are actual members of The 3rd Attempt, why both of you have left Carpathian Forest?
We wanted to release a new album with Carpathian Forest (we had more than enough material for it) and got tired of waiting year after year. It took us less than a year to form a new band, find new musicians, get a record deal and management, write music, rehearse, play live and release an album with 3rd Attempt. We waited 7 years with Carpathian Forest with nothing more than 2-3 rehearsals with new material.

A last performance you had was at Blastfest in Norway, soon you will be at InfernoFest same in Norway, are there any other shows confirmed?
No, we decided to start working on the new album so currently we haven’t agreed to any more shows in the next 5-6 months.

What are the influences that you are focusing and what inspires you the moment you create new music?
That varies from each song and for each time one of us sits down to write music. Some music is planned, some is improvised, etc. We have different personalities in the band and each have a different way and approach to music. Its the mix of all this that becomes music for The 3rd Attempt.

How do you see The 3rd Attempt’s future and what other plans have you pinned?
The next 6 months will be busy with writing and rehearsing new material, then we are going to record the new album and after that we will start to book more live shows. The typical cycle for a band I guess….

What opinion do you have about the newcomer metal bands in Norway, especially the Black metal ones? Did you hear/listen to some of these new bands in the metal scene of Norway? 
I don’t think I am the right person to answer a question like that as I haven’t discovered any new music in the last 3-4 years except Ghost. I think Ødemark (vocalist) is more into discovering new music but he hasn’t been able to convince me that anything is good enough hahahaha!

A last question, how do you see the fans? Do you have also a message for them?
I think we are very lucky to have some of the Carpathian Forest fans with us as they are the best fans in the world. We haven’t played many shows yet but in each and one we have been greeted welcome and been supported by great fans who took part in the energy and chaos that is a 3rd Attempt live show. We are looking forward to present new music to them and then get back on the road to meet them all!

Thank you again for your time, it was my pleasure. Hails and hope to see you soon!
Thnak you too!



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