Interview The Colony

Interview The Colony

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An interview I had with Riki, drummer of the metal band The Colony.


Greetings guys, was nice to meet you in Bucharest. You have recently came back home after a Balkan tour along Other Eyes Wise. How was this tour?
Hello! It was fun meeting you too. The tour was good fun looking back on it, it had some great times and some tough times but none the less it was fun.

For sure soon you will be on the road again, are there any other new shows confirmed?
We had our homecoming show days after the tour which was great. At the moment there are no shows confirmed as we are in the process of writing the next album.

The Colony, a metal band from Scotland, when have you founded and why The Colony as name?
To be honest I can’t really remember how the name came about (haha) I showed up to Practice and the band was named.

You debuted with the EP called ”Romper Stomper”, what can you tell me about it?
That EP was a great debut for us, the songs mean a lot to us all our songs do but one song in particular ‘Long Way Home’ has a lot of meaning to all of us. We always end on that song live.

2015 is the year you released a full-lenght, ”Time Of Wolves”, who mainly wrote the music for this album, also what feedback have you gotten for ”TOW”?
The album was written by all of us, we set a deadline to write and record the album. After two months the album was written and recorded and then we went on tour to promote the album. We have had a great response to the album people are loving it but I believe the next record is gonna be better do get ready for that!

Are you guys thinking of a future new release?
Like I mentioned we are writing our new album as we speak, I am really looking forward to it. Some of the ideas that we are writing is completely different than what we have done before, which is a good thing but also at the same time keeping our sound and not drifting away.

What are you influenced by: as music and real life.
I can only speak for myself on this one. Musically i am influenced by a lot of rock and metal but in my style of drumming I love groove and that comes from the Hip Hop that I love listening to. But in general we are all influenced by different styles of music.

Can you a few favorite metal bands?
Some of our favourite metal bands are InFlames, Architects, As I Lay Dying, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red and Avenged Sevenfold just to name a few.

How do you see The Colony in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years I see the band doing a lot more tours and festivals with another 3 records done making our name stand out around the world.

Want you to quit the interview with a message for The Colony fans around the world?
To all our fans around the world we want to say a big thank you for believing in our band and listening to the music, it means the world to us and we hope to come to a venue near you and play for you guys!

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