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The Way Of Purity is not actually a band, is a project that is spreading a message to this world. Some of the members are hiding their identities, only the singers are showing their faces, but as they use to say: “We are nothing. We are a very real and solid message.“.
To find out about this project, the message and the music, below you can read an interview I’ve conducted about TWOP.

To begin with, I must say that I have respect for TWOP because you are involved against animal cruelty and world environmental problems which is amazing! I’ve seen rare bands/projects like this.
Without Name: Thank you very much! We really appreciate the people that support us for our message and not only because they like our music. I think that if you agree with a message, it belongs to you, you should support the band (in our case the project) even if you don’t like the music.  A lot of people like our music but dislike our message, vice-versa, a lot of people like our message but hate our music. It’s difficult to find somebody that likes both: the music and the concept.

Definitely the name says it all, “purity“, probably easier to guess what The Way Of Purity is all about, is this how you wanted to stand out then?
WN: Well the Way of Purity is a path to follow. It’s about the choices you make. If you walk on a path in which you stay pure because you don’t corrupt your body with dead animals (meat) then you are walking the way of purity. Is all about that, stay pure without regret for having killed a sentient being that wanted to live and without fouling up your body with dead rotting animals.

Apart from the vocalists, the other members are hiding their identities, why so?
WN: Beacause we support ALF (Animal Liberation Front) which is pictured by the governments and laws as a terrorist group. For this reason we can’t show our faces or say our names. The singers are not into ALF so they show their faces. Just check it out: and you will understand. This is our profile:

Schwarz Oder Rot is the new album entitled as, translated “Black Or Red“. You describe black as death and red as something that people won’t care about the world not even in 20 years, but I would say red is for blood (too): the connection between black and red- death (of the animals, the world we live in) and blood (spilled after the massive death of the poor creatures), can you agree with this aswell?
WN: Yes it can be seen like that as well. Black is death, the eternal darkness that you meet when you die and blood is the suffering, the pain. The way that we have developed is more like that the world is about to end [in fact the full title is Schwarz Oder Rot (The sound of the end) therefore if you don’t kill yourself now you can go ahead and see what is going to be in the future. We think that there will be 9.8 billion humans in 2050…How do they think that this mass of flesh will survive with the resources that are about to end?? In our vision you will see red which is your blood, the blood that you will shed when other humans will eat you alive because there’s no food or water left. You have to choose: die now or see the future, which is simply fucking scary.

The return of xLostMyFaithx since the debut album not to be wrong. How is this comeback for you in TWOP?
xLostMyFaithx: I am very happy to re-join as active part of this incredible project. In the latest years I’ve been playing and touring, exploring the world, knowing human kind more than ever, in the good and the bad ways. I got closer and closer to the belief of the collective: preserving Mother Nature, protecting the animals, respecting our environment before the human race compromised it. Musically we evolved each one in a different direction and composing together again has been very emotional. I truly believe this album is our most complete one, the highest level. I can’t wait to play it all live along with our oldest tracks.

Some guests are featuring on this album, guests from bands like Ragnarok (Bolverk), Final Coil (Phil), Rachel Aspe, and of course, also a new voice besides xLostMyFaithx, Saitam; and there are few more guests if you’d like to present them. What is each’s contribution on the new album?
WN: Yes, we have various guests on the album, this is because at the beginning we wanted to involve 11 different singers, one for each song. We had the songs but we didn’t know who could sing them, so we said let’s work with 11 different singers as guests. What happened is that in the meantime I got in touch with xLostMyFaithx again and Saitam sent me the demo for his song. He has sent me his demo as first and I was blown away by his vocals. xLostMyFaithx was close to us again so we asked them both to join TWOP as stable singers. Male and female together in a new / original combination. The confirmed guests, were confirmed, so we asked them to paticipate anyway with smaller parts (cause Saitam and xLostMyFaithx were going to sing on the whole album) and they did. Bolverk from Ragnarok was meant to do some guest guitars and he did them on “Rootrot”. Rachel Aspe is doing some devastating screams on the same song. Polina Larsen (a supercool Russian singer) is singing a bridge in “Mandament”and Phil from Final Coil has composed a full electronic outro for the album.

Your music is a mix of genres: metalcore, death core, death metal, electrometal, industrial, post rock, dark wave etc. Previous release The Majesty Of Your Becoming had a sudden sound change to electronic, industrial and ambient sound, while the 1st and 2nd albums are brutal, aggressive and faster. And then Schwarz Oder Rot has a new sound, less brutal, post rock sound, it’s like a new band, not the same. Is is easier for you to change the styles, rather than keeping one?
WN: Well, we like to change. Isn’t it boring to write 5-6 albums in your career that could all be just one, all the same…? We listen to all these music genres so we mix them in the way that we like, it depends on how we feel at the moment. Career wise, changing genre is basically suicidal but we don’t play to become famous, to screw groupies, to appear on magazines (we even cover our face) or to make money. We play for a message so we do what we feel, we don’t care if people get confused or media say that we have no genre. We have no line up, no genre, we are not a band and one day we could become just an ALF cell or a spoken words show. You never know. Maybe we have found our way with this new sound, could be. For sure we will always go more towards indie rock than towards extreme metal.

Since TWOP exists, did you notice the fans, followers, online magazines etc. to point out or “care“ more or less about what are you doing and the message you are (trying to) spreading over?
WN: As I told you at the beginning of the interview we have seen everything. People that love or hate our music, people that have turned into vegans to follow our example, people that hate our message or us as people. The media, some supported us (like you), some tried to destroy us but we have to say thank you to both. Hate gives us strength, the will to beat harder and stronger… Love gives us the power to continue and go ahead with our mission. People or media cannot destroy us, they can only modify us in a way that we will be stronger after their intervention.

In 3 words, describe the world in 10 years…
WN: Rotten, Putrid, Terrific!

People are the roots of evil, as you have one song called so and sadly the world is being destroyed by humans day by day under our eyes. What is the message would you transmit further, if more people would hear you as this collective or by the side of Animal Liberation Front?
WN: Well the message would be as in the title of a song of this album. The song is called “WE URGE HUMAN RACE TO COMMIT GLOBAL MASS SUICIDE”, this would be our suggestion; there’s nothing else we can do. As we have represented in the video of “Spectral” we first need to end the human race and then the world will be able to restart. With the damage that we have done it will take ages before the animals will be able to be fine again. Everything will restart from the insects which are impossible to erase.

Thanks a lot for this interview, it was my pleasure! Respect!
WN: Thank you! Respect! Put your head in sorrow. The rest will follow!

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