Interview Thrashfire (By Carla Morton)

Interview Thrashfire (By Carla Morton)

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An interview with Okan, bass player of the Turkish Thrash metal band, Thrashfire.



Hi Okan and thank you for this interview, how things are going?
Hello Carla, thanks! It’s going well!

Tell me when Thrashfire was formed?
Thrashfire was formed in 2006 by Onurcan and Erkan. The band’s name comes from the ”Thrash Fire” song of Turkish thrash metal band ”Solitude”.

”Vengeance Of Fire” in the second EP released this year, tell me about it.
Yes at last we’ve completed. It took a long time cause Burak was in millitary so we lost 6 months but we completed in September. Seems it’s a different stuff than the debut album. 3 members are gone and me and Oktay joined the band and our sound definitely changed. After touchings, it became more hellish and slaying metal influenced by old black metal, UK 82′ punk and speed metal sound. The album consists of 4 new songs and 2 songs from the 2007 demo album. It was released on Nov. 20th 2015 via Xtreem Music which belongs to Dave Rotten from Avulsed. We’ve signed for this EP + the 2 albums.

Also, in 2010 you’ve released the first EP under the name of “World Domination” and a year after you have release the full-lenght, “Thrash Burned In Hell”. What can you tell me about these?
I was a Thrashfire fan untill I joined the band in 2013 hahahahah (still I do). “World Domination” was a promo CD and it includes 4 songs from “Thrash Burned In Hell”, also World Domination has a video clip. I wasn’t in the band then but I was visiting the studio to play with my band while they were recording the album; (when I’ve heard the Angels & Drunk Witches, I was about to going insane hahaha). “Thrash Burned the Hell” was our first album which was released by EBM Records which includes 12 tracks. It was in ”Thrash ýs Back” series of the label. Songs were played by tons of metal radio and loved by true metalheads. The album is sold out now. Not any stock in firm and music stores. After this album, we played with Destruction, Artillery, Human Error and a lot of local gigs in Turkey.

Are you going to tour to promote the new EP?
Yes we are planning to play in Europe in 2016. Thrashfire has never played abroad before.

What are Thrashfire’s influences?
Generally we listen to the old metal and punk stuffs but our favorite bands are Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slayer, Cranium and the gods: Black Sabbath, Venom and Motörhead. Especially we love bestial Black metal, old school Death metal, crust Punk and 80’s Speed metal and Heavy metal bands so much! Otherwise we really dont like ”national socalist, depressive and suicidal black metal shit, mainstream hardcore, blahblahcore bands, neo – pizza thrash metal, epic, folkloric and mystic shits” hahahaha! Please stay away from us!!!

Who mainly writes the music in the band and what are the lyrical themes do you focus on?
We write some parts, lyrics and riffs and we share each other ideas but generally Burak writes and we edit together. We just write lyrics about mankind, alcoholism, blasphemy, posers in Turkish scene and around the world, our society and metal.

What other plans do you have about Thrashfire?
Yes, as every band we’re planning to record a new album, play in another countries. Maybe we make some EU tour. It would be cool!

Do you have a message for the people who support Thrashfire?
Thanks to all the fans and people who support us. Dont support mainstream scene, stay underground! In 2016, more posers will be killed by the new Thrashfire songs! We wont stop to play metal! Hell!

Thank you Okan again, all the best and rock on!
Thank you Carla, stay metal!

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