Interview Turbocharged (By Carla Morton)

Interview Turbocharged (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Ronnie Ripper, frontman and bass player of the Swedish Death/Thrash metal band, Turbocharged.
380056_10150370107744753_2004571088_n Hi Ronnie, how things are going?
It’s going great, we are on tour so is fun, we’re still not tired of each other so that’s a good thing.

When was Turbocharded founded?
March 2000 actually, it started as a hobby project.

You have released the fifth album this year under the name of “Militant”. Tell me about it.
This is actually the third full-length and we go with whatever it happens, this album is the proof of what we are doing right now, maybe the next one will be faster, we don’t know yet.

Have you got good reviews about this album?
Yeah we had some 10/10, also we had some that were not very good, but most of all, average, it’s good.
11755229_10153189914479753_2280396142789883732_n Who mainly use to write the music in the band?
All of us and I write all the lyrics but we all come up with ideas and riffs.

Beside this show you had, are there any other shows confirmed for this or for the next year?
We do not know at all, after we finish this tour we have nothing planned, we gonna make a video, at home area, we hope for more gigs in summer.

Other plans about Turbocharged?
Playing as loud and faster as we can, hope we will release a new album and then another and get to see the world as we are doing right now.

And a last questions, do you have a message for the Turbocharged fans?
Keep it brutal! Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Thank you Ronnie for the answers, have fun and cheers!
Thank you for the interview and for your interest!

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