Interview Vehement Animosity (By Carla Morton)

Interview Vehement Animosity (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Alex Kinanis, frontman and guitar player of the Death metal band, Vehement Animosity.
11904651_752740854848045_989922413368755485_n Hi Alex, how are you?
First of all we are all doing absolutely fine thanks for asking!

When was the band formed?
The band was formed back in January 2012, and funny fact our first rehearsal was 2 days before our drummer’s 18th birthday so as you can imagine we celebrate twice each year.

You have an EP released this year entitled ”Entropy”, tell me about it.
Indeed we have released our first and prized EP “Entropy” this August. Although the whole process of the recording was in a great rush, the EP received a much warmer response that we would have ever anticipated. The main theme of the EP revolves around it’s title- Entropy-which is a term used in science. But in more common language you could describe it as “disorder”. In a sense we are translating our thoughts about the destructive functions of the universe into music and lyrics.

Will you release new materials soon?
Yes! We have been composing non stop for the past year. At this point i am about to finish composing our final song (there will be 9 songs in the album )of the upcoming full-length album. In my opinion we have evolved exponentially as musicians during this past year. Hence, we are preparing to start putting our efforts into action as we will initiate our recording sessions for guitars and vocals during Christmas then drums and bass during Easter. Since we are all students abroad though, the process of recording will unavoidably take some time, so the album is estimated to be done by early July 2016. Hopefully we would be able to present it live.

What are the lyrical themes and who use to write the lyrics?
The lyrical theme revolves around science, space, various enigmatic concepts about existence, the nature of the universe and other abstract concepts. Since none of the other guys has shown any particular interest in writing lyrics, I solely took on that role up to now. Including the next album. Currently I am studying physics so as you can deduce that’s were most of the lyrical content comes from.

What are the band’s influences?
We have various influences due to our broad interest in the music spectrum. For example Socrates our drummer is really into Jazz, while the other guitarist, Marios, has a thing for melodic and symphonic black metal, Sevan the bassist loves groovy stuff and funk (bassists gotta love slappin). As for me, progressive music is my thing. But, when it comes to death metal we all agree that’s its awesome. We absolutely love Beyond Creation, they have been a supreme source of inspiration. We also take inspiration from progressive bands like Animals As Leaders, techdeath bands like Obscura and Spawn Of Possession ,death metal classics like Bloodbath and Necrophagist and many more.

Any shows confirmed?
We haven’t hesitated in scheduling any concerts until we record. Plus university is consuming most of our time. In any case we hope to perform this summer, but nothing certain right now.

Do you have a message for the fans?
If you guys liked this EP then I personally guarantee that the upcoming album will blown your minds.

Thank you Alex, cheers!
Thanks for the support and cheers!

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