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Interview with Alexey, vocalist of the the Russian symphonic black metal band, Welicoruss. The metallers will hit the road soon in a Balkan tour.


Cheers Alexey and thank you for your time. How’s all going?
Greetings! Everything is going well, furious and fast! A lot of work, but also big feedback! We travel a lot, we communicate with new people and develop ourselves!

Soon in September you will do a mini tour over the Balkans, what expectations do you have from this tour?
Yes, finally we will get to the Balkans, we are already waiting for it for a long time, there were many letters and requests to come there and play the show before. We are waiting for a warm welcome, hot audience and great hangouts!

Hope to catch you up in Bucharest!
We were invited to play in the capital of Romania at the Folk Metal Festival with excellent bands: Arkona, Grai, Cruachan, An Theos and we are looking forward to this concert! In addition, we will play in this city first time and see Romania in general. Many of our colleagues said that this is an amazing country with a unique nature and people.

Talking a bit about your latest release, entitled as ”Аз есмь (I am)” , how do the public, zines, fans still respond to the album?
Az Esm  received plenty of high marks among the metal webzimes over the World, everyone noted high level of the material, rich sound and mixing, of course, music itself. A typical case is when people just come to our concert once just to hang out and after our concert they become our fans, because on the stage performin we try to give as much energy and expression as possible to fully reveal our music for the listener.

Did you start to write new materials for a new album?
We are in a constant creative process, we discuss the concepts of songs, we write melodies and songs. Right now we have enough new ideas to make a new album, we do not want to wait and move releaseing for a long time, like it was with “Az Esm`” and we want to write it down and publish it beginning of next year. The material is recognizable – it carries our brand imprint, but also a lot of new features  that were not before. In general, the album will also have strong concept.

After the Balkan tour, will you be touring more this year?
Of course! We do this constantly and everywhere in the whole of Europe. Our natural state is tour, so immediately after the tour in the Balkans we will visit Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and something else.

What is your message to the Romanian fans?
We will bring with us an atmosphere of cold and power from the very depths of Siberia, come to our concerts during the Balkan tour and feel all the power of primeval rage! You will be waited by the ritual length of an hour during which we will play the best songs from all our albums!

Cheers. Hope to catch you at the show!
See you in Cluj and Bucharest!
Cluj event:
Bucharest event:

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