Interview with Autumnblaze

Interview with Autumnblaze

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Hi! What inspired the strong focus on criticizing war and violence in “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen”?
Hi, first of all, thanks for the interest in our new album. I think it’s much more than just criticizing war and violence in general. That’s an easy thing. Autumnblaze lyrics are often a bit tricky to understand because we try to hide the true meanings behind metaphors and symbols. This time we had the idea to take a look upon war from different perspectives. Over the last few years the world changed dramatically and we didn’t want to stay silent. Both Arisjel and me, we have families and children. And of course we ask ourselves what the future holds for them. So the lyrics of “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” are somehow a waking call for those think that war could be an option to take advantage from. It’s a wrong way and shows the evil side of mankind.

How did the current state of the world influence the songwriting process and overall message of the album?
Well, of course the current state of the world had definitely an impact on this new album. Originally we wanted to record a different record. We already had started recording that album but then in the beginning of 2022 we had a PC crash and we lost the recorded songs. Then after russia started war in Ukraine the world seemed to be shattered once again. Usually, we don’t react on these kind of political issues. But this time it felt different. It felt like the world would drown into a very dark time. So we wrote “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen”. Songwriting and lyric writing took just a few weeks.

How do you see music’s role in addressing social and political issues as expressed in your album?
Well, music has different roles. It can be just entertaining for example. Totally ok for those who want to escape from reality for some moments. If bands deal with social and political issues, it’s also important if they do it in an intelligent way. We don’t see ourselves as a political nor an entertainment band. We try to act as watchers taking outsider perspectives.

Can you describe the creative journey from abandoning original ideas to crafting the songs and lyrics on the album?
Well, for “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” the creative writing process was extremely focused after we lost parts of the original album we lost in the PC crash. We already knew before what kind of record we want to write. And let’s say my longtime experience as a songwriter made it quite easy to put everything together.

How does the album cover tie into the music and lyrics, and what was the collaboration process like with Friederieke Myschik?
We are totally overwhelmed by the artwork Friederieke delivered us this time. We knew that she is a very talented artist but the new cover is more than mindblowing. Actually we just described her our vision of this skeleton angel kneeling in front of a grave on a little island surrounded by the raging sea. Every detail is connected to the music and the lyrics. I don’t want to explain everything cause I think it’s better to let the listeners interpret. It’s up to you what you want to see. Definitely it’s not a hopeful cover artwork.

How do themes like love, loneliness, and death intersect with the larger message of “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen”?
Well, these are themes everyone can connect to. And in times of darkness we probably think more about these topics. If you have a family, you can lose it in war for example. Loneliness and death are part of all our lives even though we don’t want to think about them every day.

What challenges did you face during recording and producing the album, and how did you overcome them?
The biggest challenge is always to start with the recordings. Since a few years we record our albums in our own little Moonspark Studio. And you know, recording songs is a lot of work. The creative process before I really love, but the recordings are like a big mountain you sometimes don’t know how to climb.

How has Autumnblaze’s sound and approach to music evolved with this latest release?
Well, after the quite mellow Welkin Shores Burning record, this new release is much heavier and darker. We tried to find a mixture between harsh sounds and some more epic tunes. Songs like “Offenes Grab” or “Morast” are opening new territories for us. And actually Autumnblaze is always evolving with each album. Would be boring to do always the same.

How important is it to express yourselves artistically in your mother tongue on this album?
It’s definitely very important. We had German lyrics on earlier records too but this time it felt like we were ready for an album completely in German. We know that many people can’t understand it unfortunately but nowadays it’s quite easy to translate them with modern technology.

How do you view the current state of dark metal music and its future direction?
Oh, I am not into dark metal music these days. But I guess dark music in general will always be very important for people who feel connected with dark and melancholic sounds.

Are there specific bands or artists within the dark metal genre that influenced your work on this album?
Not at all. With “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” we just wanted to focus on our own sound.
And I can’t remember listening to any specific dark metal records I listened to at that time… In contrary, during writing songs I just try to write a good song.

How does the German metal scene differ globally, and what unique contributions does it offer?
That’s a difficult question. I think the old heroes Kreator, Sodom and Kreator had a big impact on the metal world. When it comes to unique German metal music I have to mention two bands, Pyogenesis and Dark Millennium. Extremely original and awesome bands. But I don’t know if it answered your question, haha.

Do you have plans for live performances or special projects related to “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” beyond the album release?
No live gigs unfortunately. We are too busy with our daily jobs and family. So we decided to focus on the creative process of writing songs and releasing albums.

How do themes of betrayal and loss resonate with listeners, and what reactions have you received from your audience regarding these topics?
I think our audience is very pleased that we write about topics that are not just entertaining.

What do you hope listeners take away from “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” regarding societal norms and ideologies?
I think it’s important to stay open minded. “Auf zerfetzten Schwingen” mirrors the darkness we are sailing through at the moment. If people understand that ideology often lead into cruel conflicts, maybe not everything is lost.

What are your future plans? Thank you for your time!
Thanks a lot for the interview. It was my pleasure though we talked much about dark things. Well, the next album is already recorded. And we also work on different musical projects to be revealed when the time is right.

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