Interview with Deception

Interview with Deception

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Hi! What inspired the album title “Daenacteh” and how does it connect to the music’s themes?
Hi! The album title ‘Daenacteh’ is a word we made up with its own meaning regarding the themes. We would like to keep it secret until someone figures out the meaning.

Can you share the story behind the album’s artwork and how it relates to the music?
The album artwork is a true reflection of how the story progresses. Distant cities, lots of desert and the picture of a person rotting away is an image of the humanity of people disappearing when lives are threatened.

Any standout moments from the recording process of «Daenacteh”?
The drums were recorded in Lydplaneten Studio and the rest we did at my (Sindre’s) place. The vocals were done in a small cabin over Christmas were we built a vocal booth with duvet, foam and mattresses.

How has Sindre’s experience in Blood Red Throne impacted your vocals and songwriting?
This whole album was written and recorded before I joined Blood Red Throne, but regarding live performance experience, I can’t say it has worsened my vocals, haha. That being said, Blood Red Throne has always been a huge inspiration when it comes to writing riffs with groove.

What can fans expect from your live shows supporting «Daenacteh”?
People can expect something grand. The musical vision is massive, and we want people to submerge themselves to something that can take them on a journey, you know? We’ll still be doing the same type of shows we did, but I think this album will add more depth to it.

Could you discuss the concept and themes explored in «Daenacteh”?
Of course! The album is a concept album that takes place in a fictional world where there is a national crisis in a brutalitarian state. We follow a young woman trying to find solutions for herself and her family. The disregard for human life is also portrayed and is something I think is pretty relevant today, even if the lyrics was written two years ago.

What challenges did you face while experimenting with your sound, and how did you overcome them?
There is A LOT going on in this album, so all credit to Martin Skar Berger who mixed it. We’ve worked with him a lot and he is probably the reason this ended up working at all. There’s a lot of dissonance in the background and we try to make soundscapes, but in a more death metal way than the typical BM way. No way is better than the other, but its just what we prefer to do. Gotta have some hard hitting riffs.

How do you approach storytelling through music, particularly on «Daenacteh”?
We started writing the concept around the same time we started writing the music and the feel of the music steered the concept to what it became. There is a whole draft to the story that ended up not being used, because the music took control of the concept.

In what ways has the Norwegian metal scene evolved, and how does Deception fit into that evolution?
To be honest, we don’t feel like we fit into the Norwegian metal scene at all. We’d probably be better off if we were from Finland, hahah. That being said, we hope that this kind of death metal can become something more prominent in the Norwegian metal scene. Death metal as a whole has become something of a thing here in Norway these last years though, and I’m all for it. I like black metal as well, but I think at this time and place, its time for something new, you know?

Can you share insights into your strategies for expanding into the international market?
Its basically doing more interviews like this, getting more radio play in other places than Scandinavia, trying to direct our live shows across the continent. Mighty Music has played a big part in letting that happen and they’ve been great at giving reports of where the music is played and who is reviewing it etc.

What’s the significance of “Daenacteh” for the band members personally?
I cant really speak for the others, but for me this album is the most personal album we’ve written. There is a lot of hard work, obstacles and hardships that came with this album that at least I took advantage of when I was writing some of the music. To sum it up, I’ve never been more proud of a record we’ve written.

How do you see the role of storytelling in melodic death metal, and how does it connect with your audience?
To me, the story is an important part of an album or a song. Not every band needs to do a concept album with deep themes and dramatic turns and twists, but I appreciate when bands put that kind of work into it. I actually think that you’ll get more understanding of your own music if you do so, but it might not work for everyone.

What are your future goals for Deception, both musically and in terms of audience reach? Thank you for your time!
Well, we have to start writing a new album at some point. Other than that we want to always expand our musical direction, so it will be exciting to start writing the next one. In terms of audience reach, we really hope the album reaches the people that enjoy this kind of thing. Its not for everyone, and that is okay. Of course, the more who listens to it, the better, but we understand that people have different tastes. Thank you very much for having me!

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