Interview with DUNE PILOT

Interview with DUNE PILOT

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Can you share insights into the creative process behind your upcoming album “Magnetic” and how it differs from your previous work?
Magnetic was more a mixture of writing songs at home because of corona and having some nice jams between.

We’ve worked with new musicians on Magnetic (bass and drums), that’s why it has new influences. Although it’s still a typical Dune Pilot album.

What inspired the “fuzzy” sound of “Magnetic,” and how do you think it resonates with your audience?
Fuzz has always been part of Dune Pilot. It’s elementary and we and hopefully our audience love it.

How has DUNE PILOT evolved musically and personally since its formation in 2014, and how does this evolution manifest in your new album?
Our skills evolved hopefully. But our taste of music is quite the same. New influences came with our new drummer and bass player. We probably improved our stage performance. Cause you melt together more show by show.

How have experiences with bands like Karma to Burn and Orange Goblin influenced your performance style?
I think we felt vindicated in what and how we do. Always trying to be ourselves on stage and just having fun.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Argonauta Records?
We just started working with Argonauta this year and are hyped to release Magnetic with them. So far there’s really only good things to tell!

How did the pandemic challenges shape the creativity behind “Magnetic”?
It was the first time that we had to write stuff at home and a few good songs came up then. But we don’t like writing at home. We’re into jams and creating songs together. So that was a new experience but we’re glad that it’s over.

How do the diverse musical backgrounds of band members contribute to your creative dynamics and influence the songs on “Magnetic”?
Since we do a lot of jams every song is a construct of the four of us. Even when songs were written at home, every one put his character into each song. And the blend is always Dune PIlot.

How important is visual representation to DUNE PILOT’s music, and how does it complement your albums and live performances?
We’re totally focused on the acoustic representation. Sure you eat with your eyes. But we’re not trying to sell something that we are not. But what we do is care about is a cool album artwork.

What themes or concepts does “Magnetic” explore, and how do these resonate with the album title?
We kept it pretty simple. It’s about personal and interpersonal conflicts, girls, drugs and probably Dune Pilot’s first and last political statement.

Can you share any memorable tour or festival experiences that shaped the band’s camaraderie and musical direction?
Every tour always glues the band together a bit more. Playing the Tides Of Youth festival on the island Cres (Croatia) sure was fun. Also getting lost in Prague after the show…

How do you approach writing lyrics?
Well, I don’t see myself as a great lyricist. When a thing comes to my mind I don’t write it down. It’s only tags and sketches. I put it in the drawer and someday I feel that I’m in the mood then I work it out. To me the voice is more an instrument than a transporter of emotions.

How do you connect with listeners on a personal level through your music, and what impact do you think your music has on your fans?
People coming to our shows know why they do. For some it’s the music, for others the live experience. Some can relate to the lyrics, others just love the music like we do.

What are your aspirations for the future of DUNE PILOT?
Short term goals are the release shows and upcoming tours to promote the album and getting back on stage.

Long term goals are keeping the love to the music and go on and on and on…

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