Interview with Fleshgore

Interview with Fleshgore

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Hi guys! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Carnival of Flesh and how it differs from your previous works?
ED: During work on songs for the Carnival of Flesh album we were inspired by the New York style of Death metal, especially by Internal Bleeding after touring with that perfect band and great people in 2018.

How has the war and russian aggression impacted both your music and your personal lives?
IGOR: In Jan 2022 we just started recording vocals for our album “Carnival of Flesh” but in Feb started full-scale invasion and we had to finish recording and mixing our material already under the sounds of sirens and explosions. For a while we were not ready to continue the studio work. It was necessary first to resolve domestic issues and accept the new reality of war. But when the opportunity arose, we decided to keep working on the record by all means. Of course, the sounds of war were a great distraction during the recording process. But over time you get used to it.

What does it look like to release a music album during a war?
ED: Nothing special with release, standard agreement with the label, but the war situation makes it a little bit harder to promote and maintain the release by making big gigs and touring in Europe. But on the other hand, through our activities, organizing charity concerts, selling merchandise, etc., we can financially support the defenders of Ukraine. And the tension with tours has arisen since the time of covid restrictions in 2019.

Your music is often described as “brutal” and “violent”. Do you believe that the aggressive nature of your music reflects the current situation in Ukraine?
ED: We believe that aggressive nature of our music reflects the standards of Death metal first of all, ha-ha)), as well as it can reflects the current situation in Ukraine or wherever in the world if you wish.

Fleshgore has been compared to bands like Dying Fetus and Suffocation. Who are some of your musical influences, and how have they shaped your sound?
IGOR: Both bands are great and genius! Yes I’m a big fan of many death metal bands who influenced me. I can add to list: Gorgasm, Deeds of Flesh, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, Misery Index, Devourment and many others… The list is really long!

Can you talk about the metal scene in Ukraine and how it has evolved over the years?
IGOR: Ukrainian metal scene is growing every year! Now we have really big names now. And I think in future we will have more big names! But I remember 20 years ago nobody know about Ukrainian metal or even Ukraine.

Can you describe the challenges you faced during the recording of Carnival of Flesh? Were there any unexpected obstacles that you had to overcome?
IGOR: The main problem was when started invasion. The war interrupted our recording session for months. That was a terrible period without any plans or understanding of what we have to do. But we decided to finish this record anyway!

How important is it for you to stay true to your roots, both musically and culturally?
ED: That’s true, it’s really important for us to represent our country on the World Death Metal Stage.
IGOR: I think the most important thing here is I don’t want to play any other kind of music.

Can you speak about the role that metal music can play in times of political and social turmoil?
IGOR: I’m not sure that underground music can influence the situation. But sometimes people need moral and psychological support, and music can give it! Some bands released good tracks during 1st months of invasion and really brace up our people in really dark times.

Fleshgore music is characterized by intense instrumentation and powerful vocals. How do you maintain your energy and stamina during live performances?
ED: Just by loving of what we do, staying thankful to our fans and trying not to drink a lot of alcohol before the show, ha-ha))

The metal music is often associated with controversy and opposition to mainstream culture. How do you see your music fitting into this larger cultural narrative?
IGOR: I see our lyrics are more about critics of human society. I don’t care about mainstream culture.

You have released six full-length albums over the course of your career. Can you discuss how each album reflects a different stage in your artistic journey, and how you see your music evolving in the future?
IGOR: I always try to make every new release different because I don’t see the point in repeating. In addition, all other members of the band and the circumstances surrounding us also influence the music. It’s hard to jump ahead and guess what the next album will be like. But I’m sure it will be within the style and best traditions of Fleshgore.

Can you describe the experience of performing at large metal festivals like Wacken Open Air and Brutal Assault? How do these events differ from smaller shows and club performances?
IGOR: The difference is huge. Big festivals are an opportunity to show yourself to a much larger audience, as well as to look at many other groups that are gathered in one place. There, as a rule, everything is always at the highest level, both in terms of organization and technical aspects.

Finally, what can fans expect from Fleshgore in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or shows that you are particularly excited about? Thank you, Slava Ukraini!
ED: Glory to Heroes! In the future, expect new equally interesting releases from the Fleshgore band, as well as big tours around the world, after the Ukrainian victory!

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