Interview with Frank Never Dies

Interview with Frank Never Dies

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How has the switch to Argonauta Records influenced “Red Moon Rising”?
We started to compose Red Moon Rising at the beginning of the 2020 and finished to record it in spring 2023, then we found Argonauta Records. So there’s no intentional changes in our music related to the switch to a different label.
We’re really happy to work with them, they’re professional and good guys.

What themes differentiate “Red Moon Rising” from your earlier work?
Our first LP Behind the Paradox was instrumental. In Red Moon Rising me (Mirko) and Simona sing in some tracks. Behind the Paradox has a different sound, closer to post rock genre, the sound of Red Moon Rising is more rough, more influenced by space rock and ’70 psychedelia.
The atmosphere is darker and more mysterious than our previous work.

What does Francesco bring to the band’s sound?
Francesco joined the band when the bass of Red Moon Rising was already recorded by Maurizio, so, for now, Francesco’s sound is only present in the live performance.
He brings a stoner touch, he has a less melodic approach and his sound is warmer.
He quickly merged his style to our compositions, creating a perfect musical feeling.

What inspired the cinematic feel of “Red Moon Rising”?
From the beginning of this project the visual dimension has been fundamental for our inspiration.
We generally imagine a sort of plot for every track.
Regarding Red Moon Rising we imagined a nocturne environment, where people, mesmerized by the light of the red moon, are driven to insanity or pushed to explore their primal instinct.

What role do vintage sounds play in shaping your music?
It’s very important, our basic inspiration comes from space rock, psychedelic rock and generally in ’70 sound. Anyway, this is only a start to develop a more contaminated sound, where you can recognize grunge, funk, blues, jazz and trip-hop.

How do live performances influence your studio work?
Our composition’s approach it’s very direct, so that there’s not a big difference between the live performance and the recorded version of tracks.

What were the standout moments during “Red Moon Rising” production?
We were really excited to record the LP with Fabio Ferri, a fantastic sound engineer and a great person. Unfortunately the lockdown caused a lot of delays during the composition as we generally arrange tracks playing together and it wasn’t possible to play together for a long time.

How do you adapt to changes in the music industry?
We don’t care where the music industry is going, we can say we’re in alternative rock industry, but we don’t think about it while we’re composing our music.

What’s the importance of album art in “Red Moon Rising”?
In Red Moon Rising we tried to keep a minimal artwork, something reminding Japanese art and Art Nouveau. We took inspiration from an illustration by Friedrich Köning’s xylography published in Ver Sacrum, in 1902.

What messages do you hope listeners take from the album?
Red Moon Rising is an LP with mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere, related to the red moon as worshipped or feared symbol: before it, the humanity reveals its most irrational aspect, between madness and adoration. We hope the listeners catch these suggestions.

Where does Frank Never Dies fit in the psych rock evolution?
It’s too early for us to think about it. According to me, it’s not the artist’s task to care about his collocation in the industry’s labels.

Any unique instruments or techniques in “Red Moon Rising”?
We didn’t use any instrument or technique relevant to be mentioned.

How do you maintain authenticity while drawing from ’70s sounds?
The 70’s sounds it’s only a start for us, we love musical contamination, it’s not so important for us to stick to a certain authenticity.

Any upcoming tour plans or collaborations?
The 20th April we’ll start the tour in our city with the release party of Red Moon Rising, we’ll play at Glitch Soundclub organized by Radio Elettrica.
In 08th May we will share at Magasin 4 ( Bruxelles ) the stage with Acid Mothers Temple.
Then we’ll play in Sophia, Budapest, Edinburgh, Haan (Germany) and more gigs are coming out.

How do you connect emotionally with your music?
We are always emotionally connected.

What are your ambitions for Frank Never Dies in the future?
We’re doing our best to share our music and give it its right prominence.

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