Interview with Greengoat

Interview with Greengoat

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How did Greengoat come together, and what inspired the focus on Psychedelic Stoner/Doom music?
We have always had a tendency towards this type of sound, heavy, powerful, and muddy; it was something natural. These styles leave a lot of room for exploration.”

What challenges did you face as a new band, and how did you establish Greengoat as a duo?
Being a duo already poses a challenge for many aspects in music, but it also leads you to discover creative paths that otherwise we wouldn’t have explored – a way of making music differently.

What’s the story or meaning behind the name Greengoat, and how does it reflect the band’s identity?
Greengoat ventures into the strange, the unusual. Those parts of the imagination that carve their way into the material world. We love science fiction, and in many cases, it has transitioned from being just a story to becoming something real.

What themes inspire your songwriting, and how do you ensure lyrics complement the sonic atmosphere?
We draw inspiration primarily from science and technology, as well as the relationship between humans and these elements. Sometimes the lyrics arise from a melody that inspires a story, and other times there’s a lyric that inspires a melody, enhancing and adding expressiveness to it. It flows in both directions.

How does the chemistry between Ivan Flores and Ruth “Kalypso” Moya contribute to Greengoat’s sound?
It makes everything much easier. We’ve been playing together for several years, and we understand each other perfectly, both when composing and producing, as well as on stage. It makes the sound more fluid and compact because it sometimes feels like we know what the other is thinking.

How do you balance structured composition with experimental and improvisational elements?
It depends on how we’re building the songs. Sometimes we have a very clear idea, and it comes together directly, while other times they are just parts that end up taking shape through improvisation.

What goals does Greengoat have for the future?
In the short term, we plan to present our new album, which is finally coming out on January 26th, as well as carry out all the concerts we have scheduled for this year – we’re really looking forward to them! In the medium term, our goal is to continue working on new music. We never stop creating.

How has the reception been among the Psychedelic Stoner/Doom fanbase, and what connection do you hope to establish with your audience?
The reception has been amazing! Much more than we could have ever imagined. We want to build a strong and constant relationship with our followers. We are very interested in their opinions on the themes we address in our songs, and we believe that a very interesting dialogue can be developed.

How does Greengoat approach recording and production to capture the live performance essence?
We record everything in the rawest way possible. We would never record something that we couldn’t replicate live. In fact, the atmospheric sequences heard on the album are also integrated into our live performances. We take great care to ensure that the experience is as close as possible to the album.”

Beyond music, are there other influences like art, literature, or experiences that shape Greengoat’s creative vision?
The first one would be cinema, without a doubt. Also, literature and the conversations we have with friends and close people. We are surrounded by people who inspire us with their ideas and experiences. It’s always an exchange that leads one question to another, and that process is very inspiring.

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