Interview with Hammerfilosofi

Interview with Hammerfilosofi

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Hi! Can you tell us about the specific experiences or imagery you aimed to convey with The Desolate One?
Our debut album, “The Desolate One”, is an introduction into the world of Hammerfilosofi and our philosophy. It outlines our worldview, and is a depiction of the initiate taking his first steps on the adversarial path – ultimately becoming an outcast, like Satan himself, the desolate one.

Your band formed amidst global chaos, shutdowns, and panic. How did these turbulent times influence the sound and lyrics of The Desolate One?
While the world was in a chaotic state, we were not. In the months leading up to this, I had rented a cabin up in the mountains in Norway to try and make the most of the situation, for both myself and my family. It was during this time that the band was formed, its philosophy, vision and purpose was crystallized, and the first music was created. I am not sure it influenced the music, but it sure gave birth to it.

“Hammerfilosofi aims to eradicate every trace of the civilized, the harmless, and the mediocre.” How does this philosophy translate into your music and lyrics on The Desolate One?
In an ideal world, the music we perform should be considered psalms and holy hymns. In this world however, it is and should be considered rebellious and dangerous. The vast majority of todays Black Metal bands have either strain from the path, or simply never been on it. With our art we aim to tip the scales in the right direction, so to speak.

What’s the story behind the album title, The Desolate One, and how does it encapsulate the themes explored in your music?
In today’s world, becoming “The Desolate One” is a natural consequence of living by the philosophy of the hammer. In an ideal world, you would be praised and considered royalty.

In what ways do you see Hammerfilosofi contributing to the ongoing evolution of Norwegian black metal?
We focus on ourselves and our own artistic output, and little or nothing on anything else. Hopefully our work will inspire those worthy, and serve as a knife to the heart of those who oppose our mission.

The album is described as a ceremonious depiction of the path to godhood. Could you share some insights into the symbolism behind this concept and its relevance to The Desolate One?
I am a big fan of letting art speak for itself, and not elaborating too much over each and every detail. I can however tell you that we are meticulous when it comes to what we release, and how it is presented.

Can you tell us about the collaboration process between Hammerfilosofi and the artist behind The Desolate One’s artwork?
The artwork was created by the very talented Francesco Gemelli, a long time comrade of both the band and the label. We gave him the music, as well as an insight into the lyrics and the concept of the band and the album. Besides that, he was free to create the artwork how he envisioned it. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome, and he will also do the artwork on our next release.
I should also add that our logo/sigil was created by a local artist and friend, Kristoffer Holzmann and Francesco, under the direction of the band. This is and will always be a central piece in our releases.

How do you envision Hammerfilosofi evolving artistically beyond The Desolate One?
Conceptually we will continue to tell our tale, and spread our message. Exactly how this will be done musically, lyrically and aesthetically, is difficult to predict – but judging from our forthcoming release – it will surely not be for the faint of heart.

The band’s name translates to “Hammer Philosophy.” Could you share some insights into the philosophical concepts that drive your artistic expression?
Hammerfilosofi is our worldview, our religion, our philosophy and way of life. It is the culmination of our life experience, years of studying, and hard earned wisdom. In this world, I guess you could say it is the equivalent of Satanism.

Can you explain how listeners might experience the sense of liberation and renewal?
Our artistic output will hopefully serve as a forceful push in the right direction, but besides that, it is up to the listener to discover. Follow the breadcrumbs, and dare take the plunge into the abyss. Either death or salvation awaits.

What role do you believe Black Metal plays in addressing themes of darkness, rebellion, and spirituality in today’s society?
Black Metal should address all of the above. If it does not, it is not Black Metal.

How do the themes of solitude, contemplation, and inner strength within The Desolate One reflect your personal experiences as musicians?
They are identical. It is as honest as it can be.

Can you walk us through the creative process within Hammerfilosofi when crafting the songs on The Desolate One?
It usually starts with an idea, most often recorded on the phone, or written down on a piece of paper, then later developed into an outline for a song (using a guitar). This will later be recorded, and further developed until it is a finished song.

What’s next for you? Thank you for your time!
We are currently working hard on our sophomore album, but first up is an EP entitled “SOLUS (Igne Natura Renovatur Integra)” scheduled for release in June this year on ATMF. Four tracks of ferocious, hypnotic and fanatic Black Metal!
Be sure to check out our website for all relevant links and updates.

Thank you for the interview!

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