Interview with Nekrogore

Interview with Nekrogore

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Hello! Congratulations on the release of your debut album, “Tomb Of Truth”! How does it feel to finally have your music out in the world?
Hello, thank you very much, it is a quite satisfactory feeling, since we had been with the project for some time and we really wanted to get some of our material out there, and the fact of knowing that there are people who did not like our project makes us happy. makes you feel fulfilled.

Nekrogore‘s sound is raw, powerful and rotten Death Metal in the old school style. How did you develop this distinctive sound and what were your main influences?
The sound was developed based on our personal tastes, we all had in common the taste for bands oriented to the classic sound, we wanted to incorporate this into our music along with the inspiration of more current bands which made us form our sound. Some bands that served as our inspection are Autopsy, Disgorge, Pissgrave, Cryptopsy, Disembowelment, Chaotian, Possessed, Undergang, Suffocation, etc…

Can you tell us more about the concept behind the artwork and how it relates to the themes of the album?
The name of the album is Tomb Of Truth, we wanted to capture it in our art where it is shown that several hooded people, which the concept is that they are high-ranking officials of both government and religion, are burying several corpses in a grave, which have already been used for their dark purposes, and buried to hide the truth of their actions.

The album’s lyrics revolve around murder, blood, blasphemy and death. What inspired you to explore these dark and extreme themes in your music?
Mainly the style we are focused on, Death Metal should sound raw and the lyrics should go the same way in our opinion.

Could you share some insights into the writing process of this album? How do you usually make your songs?
We always made the songs in a group, we got together to improvise and what we liked we incorporated until we had the song ready, we also improvised the vocals and we wrote them based on that rhythm.

Death Metal is known for its intense and aggressive style. How do you manage to maintain that energy and brutality both in the studio and during live performances?
In rehearsals we always try to have that well coordinated, to give an image on stage and have presence, and more than anything it is the taste for this genre, that makes it come out natural.

How do you strike a balance between honoring the roots of the genre and incorporating new elements into your music?
It really wasn’t very difficult, because the style we play is quite similar to classical, and the elements we have incorporated are very consistent with the sound.

As a relatively new band formed in 2019, what challenges did you face establishing yourself in the metal scene? How did you overcome these obstacles?
The truth is that it went quite well for us since people liked our work, so it was quite easy for us to have some recognition for our music.

Nekrogore is a native of Querétaro, Mexico. How has your local music scene influenced your overall sound and artistic vision?
The local music scene has had a good influence since we are also accompanied by very good bands, as well as very good designers, all of which makes this scene grow more and more.

The album has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Did you anticipate such a positive response? How does it feel to see that your music is well received?
We didn’t expect it to be so well received, we are really quite grateful to all those who have enjoyed our music and have rated us so highly.

Each band member brings their own unique skills and perspectives to Nekrogore. How do you collaborate and make sure everyone’s ideas are represented in the final product?
We always try to brainstorm ideas so that we all agree on the final result.

What can fans expect from your shows and what do you hope they take away from the experience?
We hope you feel the same way we feel about Death metal, that taste for fast guitars and drums and torn voices.

Is there a particular place, city or festival that you dream of performing at in the future? What makes these places special to you?
That’s right, luckily next year we are going to play at one of what we already had as one of our favorite festivals, Total Death Over Mexico, it would also be great for us to get to play at KillTown Death Fest, Maryland Death Fest, Obscene Extreme, Horrid Days Festival, Tones of Decay, to name a few, and we hope the opportunity comes within our reach.

What do you think sets Nekrogore apart from other Death Metal bands on the current music scene? What makes your music unique and distinctive?
We feel that what is most differentiating us from other bands is more than anything our sound and ability on stage, we want to return to the raw sound of yesteryear and mix it with the best of their evolved sound.

How has your songwriting and musical style evolved since the band formed?
More than anything, the style has been relatively changing, more than anything because we are already a little deeper into the scene of the genre we play, and we have enriched ourselves to the best of our taste.

Are there any new elements or directions you’re exploring in your next material?
Yes, we are focused on a more mature sound and themes a little further away from blasphemies and focusing on the process of decomposition of the human body.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for Nekrogore?
Mainly being recognized in more places and that our music can capture our ideas as faithfully as possible.

Where do you see the band going in the coming years, both musically and professionally?
We hope that on a good path, we have a lineup that is working very well and we want to go more international, and be able to share that same feeling and taste for death metal with people.

Thanks for your time!
Thank you for being interested in us, greetings from México, Cheers!!!

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