Interview with Paracrona

Interview with Paracrona

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Hi! “Sun God” is described as a call to freedom and awakening. Could you elaborate on the themes and messages conveyed throughout the album and how they relate to the current state of the world?
Ringo: Carry the cross… Is about people trying to do their best. Carrying their own burdens but still help others.
The ones that really knows how much help do matter are often those that have struggled the most. They are often more ready to serve and give help than people that has never known hard survival.
Struggles in various forms, inner and outer. Exhaustion and confusion.
And about Breaking free.

A tiny explanation on Carry The Cross lyric meaning: Someone leading you or wanting to lead you into a better path to save your soul…
…Others’ expectations receiving help and support from you over and over again.
One are trying to help them help themselves while you also need some time and focus to help yourself dealing with your own challenges! Carrying heavy burdens over time takes a toll on you!

“I will save your Soul
I will make you feel no pain
that’s what you expect from me
I have troubles to get around
yet I have to be the Saint”

-I will try to heal you and help you as a friend
make you get through all the troubles of life
but by doing that so many times people expect me to always do so.

While I have mental struggles and many real hard burdens myself that I carry and need to go through.
More insane things than most are dealing with.
And even so; “yet I have to be the saint.”
I still have to/feel obligated to help them cause if not no one else will.

The feeling of having
all the burdens of other people on the shoulders.
Helping them out.

And by doing so one even can get easily caught and arrested by doing good deeds.
For people and society… (as illustrated by the street-hero helping the attacked woman)

“And now I feel despair”.
Again, being let down by the people I keep helping.

Breaking down… Then Breaking Free!

Some scenes from the music video:
*Basic necessity health help should be given in each country.
If the State/Country has got tax-income, then the money should first of all go there to fix and heal. In Norway teeth are not really seen as part of the body it seems like.
In the video you see that the woman is holding a dentist bill. In Norway they don’t help with your teeth, you need to pay lots of money to fix one tooth. and it isn’t covered in the insurance. I have seen lots of people with bad teeth. Many have to take a loan. Some get financially ruined forever just to fix their teeth! Some can not afford to take a loan so then they are suffering without help.

Teeth aren’t a luxury it’s part of your body, it’s a necessity.
Hope the Government will understand that soon.

*The guy /hero, unrightfully get caught, justified by the law or by incorrect assumption / no investigation on who is the real criminals…
This happens far too often. The one doing the right thing get judged and prisoned.

New Impurity is about The New Impurity

New impurity is about the world of politics, history books and the News/media, it is all lying to us.
Misleading info.
Evil spirits/powers are controlling this world.
If one can’t see it one can easily be a part of the evil agenda like a mindless robot.
And it’s like I can’t take it anymore it makes me sick!
All the stuff people do to each other and follows the evil agenda like mindless trusting sheep.
“It’s a murder scene….doesn’t make it right. What can YOU do?!”
– They are all killing us, our souls, they try to silence us and deprive people of opinions.
Media is bought and sponsored. Free will is taken away from us.
“Sin, live, I don’t care…” Someone saying this out of a feeling of hopelessness and despair,
To someone that does not seem to be aware of what they are doing to themselves and others.
(Like; do what ever you want … but I do in reality truly care. Trying to act being tough and cold.)

“They lie
is another confusion example
of the Beast”

-They ( the people in Power) want to keep confusing us to have no focus on what we really should focus on and they work from the evil forces

“Here is my conclusion of the beast.
He’s just a slave of your wrong” ( your wrong doing)

-A slave of it in the form of addiction to our wrong doings and that the devil/Evil has a job to make us become a better person… Or we have the job to first understand and then purify.

“Please just help him see the light”

-Is just to shine stronger to show him the light of yourself so it stop hindering your life.

“Embrace before you awake him”

To hold him tight, when he is coming smother him.

If you do evil you better watch out cause evil will come for you
and comes to you with strong force.

Waking up to see the dark forces that are here in control and one can take a stand against it instead of obeying uncritically.
Think for yourself.

The biggest medias are steered by organisations claiming to spread facts but unfortunately they are the ones controlling facts to not be spread out… People are manipulated by the people in power and are slaves working for them continuing their lies.
See through the lies. Cut Your chains off!

Media is a creation by Hollywood… Most of it is a well-directed lie…

“If Satan was real he protects the seal of Hollywood”
from our song; Thriller

The album’s sound is referred to as “Titanium” or “Quantum Realism Metal.” What influenced the development of this unique amalgamation of genres, and what specific elements do you feel it brings to Paracrona’s music?
Ringo: A lot of different tempo changes. It sounds flowy because it is counted out so well.
But it is really difficult to count out all the tempo changes.

It is difficult for people to put us into any specific genre.
We call it Titanium.
Since it is really hard and strong but have a slightly lighter feel to it.
It is a very complicated creation process… Just like Titanium.

Øystein: I just write what I think sounds good and try to develop a good song structure throughout our recordings. It’s a blend of different genres not necessarily paying attention to keeping it “boxed in” to a certain genre. And if I get stuck, Ringo usually have an idea to get the song moving forward.

Siri: I was contemplating on an easy term that well and exact explains the Paracrona music; Quantum Realism Metal was landing into my head. It explains especially the lyrics.
What it is all about and how the songs have come to existence.
The term was self-explained, and fitting cause The quantum waves generates the physical world.

The unseen Spirit world exists and the physical world exists. It is all part of our world… All is real. All is one. The more you sink into it the greater understanding you get.
But the more you understand the more it is to learn.

Spirit over Mind. Mind over Matter.
As Above so Below.
From the ethereal realm of thought to manifestation, the creation process.

The lyrics arises from Ringos’ esoteric experiences.
Evil forces, self-experienced, are the topic of many of the songs.

Ringo: The song making process…
Sometimes Spirits take over my body doing the work.
Therefore I Move the Time is from a full possession when me and Øystein were in the studio together.
I was not there in normal consciousness. I had no control over my body or my words.
It became extremely foggy for me with moments of total blackout.
The music came in full roll. From start to end.
The lyrics streaming through me.
It is recorded without stop. And we let it stay raw like that. When Spirits interfere, it goes smoothly.

The creation of “Sun God” spanned several years, including a period of personal challenges. How did these experiences shape the album’s creation process and the emotions expressed within the music?
Øystein: It certainly has a lot of emotions, good and bad. The cliché is always; in your darkest hour you write the best pieces. That is also the case here.

The album artwork and lyrical themes depict a world of deception, control, and imprisonment. Can you delve deeper into the symbolism and metaphors used to explore these concepts, and what role does individual thinking play in Paracronas’ message?
Ringo: I think I already mentioned under previous questions about the lyrics.
The album covers Siri has made.

Siri (female vocal and graphic designer): Free speech has surely changed.
And the written word. It affects artists. It affects all people that express things of severe importance.
It is an imprisonment of the soul. And they try to compromise our natural immunity.
That should not be touched.

Of course all scientists agree when you silence the ones who don’t.

It is a criminal act to silence Truth!

If THEY can not serve us they should not lead us.

The Front-Cover of Sun God.
Inspired by the song Gates of Immortality…
It’s many steps to get there.
The Cloudy Phoenix Wings in the background symbolises Freedom that starts in the form of a wish/thought-state.
Transforming Fire and Light Transcendence through the Pyramid structure.
Dissolve what is to be dissolved.

Back cover of Sun God… Again the Phoenix shape… this time in form of flames.
The Phoenix Rising The Sacred Fire-lightning within…

The Carry the Cross Single cover;
In the cover picture of Carry The Cross I made an inverted pyramid on top of the standing top-up-pyramid, together in transfusion becoming the Shatkuna-Balance that is needed in this world.
The up-side-down pyramid that is actually the right pyramid in the form of value-perspective. Representing the human-need for what is not made of matter but are of the greatest value. Spirit nutrition and focus on giving… Combined with the normal standing pyramid it gives the wisdom to distribute resources.

Triangles are associated with clarity, strength and resilience.

An upwards pointing triangle conveys the sense of a strong foundation, stability and symbolises ascension towards the worlds of creative fire.

A downwards pointing triangle is associated with Soulful creative fire focus on the physical realm and the engagement in active manifestation.
Two interlocking triangles. Upwards pointing and downwards pointing pyramid combined. Also called Shatkona. It is a six-pointed star that represents the union of male and female. The symbol also represents the Anahata (heart) chakra which stands for wisdom, love, and compassion. The centre is believed to signify the highest level of consciousness that can be achieved, and the point from which all creation began.
The one criterion for all world leaders is that they should all be Sattva.
Then it would be a functional constructive infrastructure in this world.
The ones that would want to lead would do it out of the want for serving. Because they are competent to do so. Not for power lust and Ego greed.

The three gunas are three qualities of existence.
From the Vedic scriptures.
Sattva short explained is the quality of truth, serenity and balance. Drawn towards knowledge. Shining bright.

Stand Steady and know your Rights! Be Sun-Consciousness. Balance the solar plexus chakra.
Stand grounded with Spirit, heart and mind connection, That is the most important aspect of Sun God from my awareness.

Sun God Consciousness principles/the higher Self.
Represents inner awareness/ light Consciousness.

The movement/transformation in this world from Tamas (low consciousness) to Sattva (High understanding/ consciousness) is by Sacred Fire, lightning and inner lumination (symbolic)

From Chaos to Cosmos /From dysfunction to AbunDance!

The empiric power structure pyramid: at the top is the powerful of the earth, who exercise dominion over the nations and at the bottom stand the masses.
If one demands equality, justice and freedom of spirit, one is not satisfied with how this Empirical pyramid of society is. To be at the bottom of it, being aware and doing your best means carrying the weight of the world. Initiated in the deep understanding needed to turn it around.

The power of pyramids and the combination of number 3 and 4.
Number 4 gives grounding and density. Number 3 brings dynamic with its purifying fire.
Triangle with its Fire is able to mitigate the natural deficiency of Matter (Square) and at this point magic may take place…
The alchemy of matter or a quest for the philosopher’s stone can be seen as the process of bringing purifying fire (Spirits focus – intent – presence and power) deep into matter in order to transform.

Working with producer Fredrik Nordström and engineer Marius Strand, how did their expertise contribute to capturing the essence and vision of “Sun God”? How was the experience of collaborating with them?
Ringo: Actually we made some really good friends by working with them. I am really grateful for having them as friends. Great guys of quality.

I knew Fredrik Nordstrom would understand our music very well. I knew his sound. So I contacted him to make a deal.

(After the album was made we met him during a Dream Evil concert. Last fall actually. We talked all night and had a blast! It was awesome.)

Looked for a special drummer that had the right grooves and a very progressive way of playing.
I remembered a kid always playing in Karl Johan close by Rock-in.
Luckily, I found a YouTube video with that kid in action on Karl Johan that showed his name; Baard Kolstad!!!
Found out then that he had become world famous, winning lots of talent contests and WM in drumming California!
Playing in Borgnagar, Gaahls Wyrd, God Seed and Leprous (…And many more)
When we contacted him, I got surprised that he answered so quickly. He wanted to join us on our album!
Baard is also enjoying to guide us now a days. He knows stuff. Been in the Metal/Rock/Music environment since early youth.
We appreciate him a lot! Really professional fun, kind guy with enormous amounts of Energy!

Marius Strand, it was great to work with him. We talk from time to time and meet up. He is a really great guy.
More work related things we will do together with them all. Stay tuned!

Øystein: Fredrik Nordstrøm has produced many records that I really love, It was a no brainer to go with him on this task. And working with him was cool, but since we didn’t get the chance to actually be in his studio for the mixing, everything was over the phone or emails. This was a bit tricky and I would not recommend that approach to anyone. But after a lot back and forth, we were very satisfied with the result. Marius Strand has done many recording sessions with Baard Kolstad so it was natural to go there and record the drums for carry the cross and thriller. He is very professional and a cool dude! We had a great time working with him.

The song “Thriller” is mentioned as having “huge riffs,” while “River of Pain” is described as “rolling thunder.” Can you discuss the musical dynamics and songwriting approach behind these tracks, and how they contribute to the overall sound and atmosphere of the album?
Øystein: For my part I’m a huge fan of the 2nd wave black metal that spanned from the early 90’s to early 00’s. They are very inspired by that era of northern bands. It’s hard to describe how it came together, but some parts came natural, others took a lot more effort to sound clean and with the right amount of aggression. We like to spice up things with many tempo changes and odd time signatures, but still maintain a good flow and groove.

Ringo: Many times when I am in creation process it is a state of trance where it is just flowing through me. When possession is going on I feel I am hardly there.
So that is why it can be hard to describe what was actually going on in my mind.
Possession is like emptying yourself or coming into a relaxed state so Spirits are taking over.
After twelve o’clock something always starts to happen.
Then we always get the best ideas while we work together.
When I am alone in the studio then it’s easier to get possessed

The album’s title track, “Sun God,” holds particular significance. What inspired the creation of this song, and how does it encapsulate the essence of Paracrona‘s musical and philosophical journey?
Ringo: It started when I saw lots of Egyptian statues in Hollywood. The Illuminati Eye everywhere… I felt the evilness of forces wanting to take the Souls. Entrapment in the movie and music fame industry… And the Fake news industry business.
Really fucked up psychedelic things are going on in Hollywood that are not much talked about.
I think also a lot of people are scared to speak about it. Because they are already entrapped.
Chained to it.

Øystein: I think this song really show what we’re all about. It has all the elements. From brutally fast blast beats to beautiful epic clean parts rolling into majestic black metal passages. I also like the Egyptian theme it has throughout. I’m a huge Nile fan so I think that has something to do with it… hehe. There is something special about that one.

Paracrona’s music is described as expansive, ambitious, and adventurous. How do you balance these elements within your songwriting process, and how do they manifest in the album’s overall structure and flow?
Øystein: We wanted this to sound as big and diverse as possible to the best of our knowledge. It’s been a steep learning curve and I have never wrote and recorded all instrumentation on an album before. That said, we did not want this to sound ordinary or monotone. We wanted it to be progressive, brutal, dark and beautiful. And I think we achieved that pretty well.

Ringo: Expansive: I have quite a crazy mind… a psychedelic mind without much boundaries. I like to make what I want to hear.
It is boring to be stuck in copying what other people have been doing before.
Better to create from unique sources within than snatching whatever is already around.

Ambitious: For me to have the desire to make something is to express myself freely in various forms. Giving some good energy!
We are very determined to not release any song before it is completed.
With great success one can make amazing art in a bigger way.

Adventurous: Going to places… new ages and realms… This world is in different realms and so is this music… It is the sound of Life. It goes to different places.

How do live performances contribute to the band’s vision and how do you aim to captivate and engage the audience during your shows?
Giving our very Best! Rock Star Quality. Not just standing still. Implementing some unexpected niceness. People paying for a show so we will keep them entertained.

With the album’s release, what are your hopes and expectations for “Sun God”? What impact do you envision it having on listeners and the broader metal community?
Øystein: I hope it will bring some good amount of headbanging to the listeners. And I hope it will put Paracrona on the map in the metal community and that people will come to our shows.

Ringo: That it reach a lot of people and that we get a lot of openminded fans. That it seems like we are already getting.

The impact… When one are stagnated into the traditional metal… one have to learn to first of all let oneself feel on it. One can be stuck by letting the mind just feel “safe” in the old track.
More Fun to explore.

People have been giving comments like: “Finally something new…This was what I needed cause I actually started to feel I had quite much heard most new stuff before.”

Paracrona’s core creative duo was brought together by fate at Wacken Open Air in 2007. How has this partnership evolved over the years, and what strengths and dynamics do each member bring to the band’s musical vision?
Øystein: We know each other way better as musicians now, and are more comfortable writing together. I guess I’m the tidy one, keeping everything structured within the songwriting proscess, and Ringo is the more creative one with more studio skills and he’s really good at getting you out of a writers block.

Ringo: We are very comfortable with each other, first of all. I think it is the law of the Universe to work good as partners. You have to learn to accept help, go out of the Ego. And fill each other out.

Øystein is good in being strict. He is extremely good ad fast in counting tempo changes. And I am good in breaking boundaries. So in that way we create a good balance.

He is an amazing guitar player, very fast and express emotion!

It’s like a party everytime! You get to drink and create music. Nothing is better than that.

“Sun God” draws upon a wide range of influences and musical styles. Can you discuss some of the diverse elements that have shaped Paracrona’s sound and how they contribute to the band’s distinct identity?
Øystein: As said, we are very inspired by old school metal and rock especially from the 80’s and the 90’s you can really hear that if you know that kind of music

Ringo: Yeah, the old school, black and death metal. But also we have learned a lot from legendary rockers. We like to have some catchy movement on stage.

How has the experience of overcoming personal challenges and the global lockdown affected your perspective as artists and the themes explored in “Sun God”?
Øystein: the lockdown really showed how fragile this business is. And now with the inflation, it’s hard to be a smaller artist.

Ringo: It is awful how they ruined people’s freedom, health and economy.

The only thing it did to us personally was delaying the release.
We already knew about their greed for control much before the lock down.

Looking ahead, what does the future hold for Paracrona? Are there any particular goals, artistic directions, or collaborations you are excited about pursuing? Thank you for your time!
Øystein: We want to do more shows, get our name out there and hopefully be able to do the big festivals in the future. Thank you!

Ringo: We just want to have lots of concerts by good venues.
The only way to have good shows our way is on big stages.
For the next album; It’s gonna be a special one!
We are already working hard on it.

Check out our music and the music video: Carry The Cross! Wish You guys all well!

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