Interview with Sadistic Force

Interview with Sadistic Force

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Hail! How has your music and lyricism evolved since Aces Wild, and what themes do you explore in “Midnight Assassin”?
Lyrically both albums follow a loose theme, with about half of the songs sticking to that subject matter. For Aces Wild the theme was old west/southern gothic and for Midnight Assassin it is true serial killers/true crime. Musically Midnight Assassin is meant to deliver a relatively similar sound to the first album, but with a few elements that hadn’t been present before, such as the clean guitar part on the song Marked for Death.

What’s the story behind “Midnight Assassin,” and how did it shape the album’s atmosphere and songwriting?
The song Corpsewood Curse was written well in advance of the rest of the songs. Lyrically that song is about a true crime story that happened in Georgia in the early 80s. I wrote the rest of the songs when we got back from the UK tour we did in Summer of ’22. I watched, listened to, and read vast quantities of serial killer and true crime content, as well as watching slasher movies to get into the mood.

How do true crime and horror influences play into your songwriting process and overall band aesthetic?
Those elements have been present since very early on in terms of lyrical content. One of our first songs, The Cauldron, was inspired by serial killer Adolpho Constanzo. The song Cavern of the Wraith from Aces Wild was loosely inspired by the Bell Witch Haunting. I am a huge horror movie and horror literature fan. A sick horror freak!

Can you share the inspiration behind your latest single “Iron Rite”?
Iron Rite addresses the ceremony of playing Heavy Metal while forging a path in this form of art and the conviction/dedication that is necessary to rise victorious and wield the fearsome Black Thrash blade.

What draws you to explore dark themes like serial killers and violence in your music?
Most metal boils down to themes of violence. If you look at the cover art of most metal records, there is at least a suggestion of violence. Horror, pain, gore, and death. The whole nine yards.

How has the Austin, Texas music scene influenced your sound, and are there any local bands that have inspired you?
The inspiration for this project has come from more of a global scene. From the beginning I sought to reach listeners across the world who are fans of this specific sound/sub-genre, rather than focusing on appealing to the local scene. Inspiration for the music came from bands such as Nocturnal Breed (Norway), Diabolic Night (Germany), Ravencult (Greece), Hellripper (Scotland), Witchery (Sweden), Stälker (New Zealand), Mercyful Fate (Denmark), etc. There aren’t many bands around here that have this sort of sound.

What bands inspire you, and how do you aim to stand out within the Black/Thrash Metal scene?
I’m just a really big fan of this kind of music and figured another band in this vein would be good to have around. Black thrash/black speed/black n’ roll is my favorite style of music. As far as standing out, I think our catalog incorporates a blend of black metal and traditional heavy metal influences that is unique enough to make the band’s music recognizable, while still fitting into the subgenre that I love.

Could you share some insights into the recording process for “Midnight Assassin” and any memorable moments?
We definitely put a ton of work into it. The best session for me personally was the recording of the vocals. I did them all at once and was well rehearsed, so it went smoothly. Getting to scream my lyrics into the mic in the studio is always fun.

How did your collaboration with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions come about, and what’s it been like working with them?
I made a list of labels that I thought would be a good fit and got to work sending out emails. Mike from HPGD asked for a CD of the album to listen to. In this day and age where disc drives seem to have been phased out that was actually easier said than done. But I got a CD mailed to him and he said the music was killer. The release date I had in mind lined up with his release schedule so we went for it.

Each of the three physical versions of the album (vinyl, CD, cassette) were put out by different labels and so the layout for each format was designed by a different person, making each release unique. The CD version came out really cool.

Do you view your music as a reflection of societal issues or more as an escape into darker themes?
It depends on the release or song. In general, there aren’t any political lyrics or lyrics necessarily based on current events. The song Marked for Death addresses the many victims of serial killers and denounces the senseless and selfish violence done to them. I would say that my lyrics focus mostly on the human condition and the inherent sadism of our species.

What’s your take on the occult and satanic themes often associated with Black/Thrash Metal?
They are interesting themes, but I feel like they have been done quite extensively already. If you look the first Sadistic Force release – Pain, Sex, and Rapture, none of the songs address those topics. This was done intentionally as a way to do something slightly different from other bands. Some more recent songs have addressed these topics though, probably because the iconography is so darkly alluring.

What message do you hope listeners take away from “Midnight Assassin”?
I hope they have a sore neck from banging their fucking head! I would also encourage listeners to watch the music video for the title track on our YouTube channel to really enhance the overall experience.

Besides music, what other influences shape your creative direction?
One of my main pastimes is reading books. Every so often I will read a certain phrase and then think “that’s fucking metal” and jot it down. The taglines on the covers of horror VHS tapes can also provide some surprisingly good inspiration.

What can audiences expect from your live performances?
Sadistic Force has a new lineup that I am excited to hit the stage with soon. At the time of writing this, our first show together is just over a week away. We will bring a ferocious onslaught of energy to the stage and remind the audience that Evil Has No Boundaries! I always bring 100% to the live performance. This music is meant to rile up the listener and that will certainly translate to the audience at our future live shows.

How do you see Black/Thrash Metal fitting into the broader heavy metal landscape, and what makes Sadistic Force unique within the genre?
I think of it as the most badass, hard partying, hell-banging, and uproarious of all metal styles. Bastards, Bullets, Bitches, and Beer says it all. I invite your readers to check out our catalog and find that out for themselves.

How do visuals contribute to the atmosphere of your music, both in album artwork and live shows?
Visual elements have been important to the atmosphere since our first show back in August 2021 and I have been working behind the scenes to enhance that element moving forward. Visual artwork is a huge part of the Sadistic Force experience and I have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredible artists. I eagerly look forward to the eventual cover art of our third album.

Any plans for touring in support of “Midnight Assassin,” and what can fans expect?
We did a short 4-day Texas run at the start of January to support the album and we definitely plan to bring the songs to stages in new territories later this year. Fans in the United States have the best chance of catching us live for the foreseeable future. If you are from out of state/country and are planning to attend Hells Heroes fest 2024, we will be performing an official after-party show on March 23rd after Sodom. I encourage people to go to that. We’ll also be shooting a music video for Iron Rite at that show.

What’s next for you? Thank you for your time!
Hitting the stage with the new rhythm section is the next big step. Iron Rite will be released on cassette and CD in April, featuring a Motörhead cover as the b-side. I plan on writing the next album soon. The next full-length strike of Sadistic Force will happen before long, and I am confident that it will be a career defining record.

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