Interview with Supayniyux

Interview with Supayniyux

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Hello! How does it feel to finally unleash this relentless onslaught of blasphemy, disgust, perversion, destruction, and evil worship upon the world?
Hello, Firstly, thank you for your interest in our work and to give us the opportunity to deepen some topics concerning Supayniyux and especially to focus on our new album “Genocidio Infernal”.

To be honest, we are very satisfied to finally unleash our blasphemy upon the world. This satisfaction is more appreciated when we know all the problems that the band had during this period. For example, Sajgra could not go to the end of the whole process of “Genocidio Infernal” and normally, the album had to be recorded before the fucking covid19 period. Therefore, during covid19 everything was crap and we could not record it because we did not have a place to rehearse and to continue with our project. That meant that it almost took more than a year to finally have the opportunity to record it.

During the recording season, we could put all our anger, blasphemy, and dedication to finish what we already started a few years ago. At the end, the result is there and we are very happy with it.

The album shows your dedication to spreading a message of hate and the total annihilation of religious dogmas. Could you elaborate on the themes and concepts explored in “Infernal Genocide” and why they are important to Supayniyux?
If all the work is dedicated to giving a blow to religious dogmas, for us, it is very important to show our resounding opposition to these dogmas that enslave people mentally, selling them fucking artificial paradises in exchange for mental, financial slavery and sexual abuse.

The three founder members of Supayniyux come from places where the fucking religion was daily present, and there, we could see the abuse, the lies, the hypocrisy of fucking shit leaders who abuse people’s misfortune and mental weakness.

All the subjects represent violent, burlesque and blasphemous scenes about the religious leaders and about the same god. The scenes range from the rape of the inert body of Christ by demons who, after finishing their sexual act, shit and vomit on it, to beheadings of religious leaders.

Can you explain the song list of “Infernal Genocide” and the meaning of each song? Is there a song in particular that has a special meaning for the band?
The songs are listed below and I think all titles are explicit to give you the meaning of each song. However, if it is not clear to you, I invite you to look at the cover art and this will help you to understand our messages.

Firstly we start our ceremony with a Worship and Cult of Evil “Adoración y Culto Al Mal” where we spit, smear with shit and cum on Jesus Christ’s disfigured face. We ejaculate in his fucking mother Maria and impale the ass of the filthy God. Then, we speak about the death to Christ “Muerte A Cristo”, the death to Jehovah and their “eternal” God. We gut and impale all the fucking servants of Christ.

We desecrate “Profanación”, dig up the Christ, we do a rite of morbid necrophilia. We piss and defecate in his grave and finally we rip his guts out of his ass.

Then in the song “Era de Semen y Sangre”, we denounce all the pedophile priests’ perversion and the abuses done by the Church. We take care of punishing those garbage priests by decapitating them and eradicating all this plague.

We talk about the Holocaust “Holocausto” of the terrestrial world (nuns, priests), the extermination “Exterminación” of the celestial world (annihilation of archangels) and then we glorify the eternal triumph of evil.

We invocate to the Goat “Invocación Al Chivo” and we give our soul to the devil

We denounce the abuse of nuns in the Catholic Church (stories of rape and forced abortions). We rip off all their fetuses and offer them to Satan ”Fetos Perversos Para Satán”.

Finally, we crucified and dismembered all religions members, we torture, hate, kill them. We do a fucking “Genocidio Infernal”.

Well, as you see, all tracks have a special meaning for us, all of them are important for us without exception. Our lyrics show the repugnance we have against religions.

The album was recorded in Geneva, Switzerland by Ukhupacha and Lukuyay, and mixed/mastered in Quito, Ecuador by Andrés Aguirre. How did these locations contribute to capturing the raw and unforgiving sound of Supayniyux with exceptional clarity and precision?
Indeed, all the recordings were made in Geneva and sent to Ecuador once finished.

We met Andrés at a concert in 2011 in Quito, he helped us with the sound in a presentation we did there, and since then we have kept in touch. He is an excellent sound engineer and he knows his work, besides he has worked with many bands of different styles of metal.

Once we asked him if he wanted to work on our good project, he was very motivated. He gave us tips and techniques to capture a better sound. When the recording was finished, we met periodically by video calls to work on the mixing and mastering of the album.

The truth is that he quickly grasped what we wanted to achieve and he did it very well. He is a great guy.

The album cover, cleverly crafted by Diego Cuentas, enhances the atmospheric darkness and visual impact of the release. How did you collaborate with the artist to bring your vision to life? What do you think the artwork adds to the overall “Genocide Inferno” experience?
Diego is a brother, a good friend. We have the opportunity to meet Diego via “From Deepest Records”. When we saw Diego’s works, it was clear for us that he was the correct person to create what we expected in our last album “Genocidio Infernal”.

We started the artwork process during the Covid pandemia and since our band is located in Geneva, Switzerland, therefore, the collaboration with Diego was mainly via video conferences. At the beginning, we already had some sketches where we had already raised our ideas, the position of the main characters.

For the artwork’s concept, we decided to represent all lyrics in the artwork: Worship of Evil, Death to Christ, Holocaust, Extermination, Desecration of Christ, Invocation to the Goat, Infernal Genocide, Cum and Blood, Archangels Slaughter… All lyrics were sent to Diego to help him to understand which kind of details we expected in our artwork.

It was important to us to visualize our lyrics in the artwork and create a single identity, a single connection between our music and our lyrics via this artwork.

Furthermore, the artwork represents a part of the history of Supayniyux. For example, even if “Genocidio Infernal” was recorded by Ukupacha and Lukuyay (Supayniyux’s current lineup), in the artwork, you can identify 3 demons below the Inca God “Inti”, these three demons represent Ukupacha, Lukuyay and Sajgra (who collaborate with us during the musical composition phase).

The decapitated head of Jesus Christ represents the continuity of our previous work called “Aniquilación de Cristo” and finally, The “Inti” God and all Incas warriors identify our culture and our native latin american land which we are proud to belong.

In addition, the artwork shows with clarity our chaotic vision concerning religion annihilation.

I just recently read a comment from someone who said “he was interested in the album because of the details and the artwork quality. But finally, he was very surprised by the music”. In conclusion, I think we did a good job with Diego.

Supayniyux formed in 2004, taking inspiration from the god of death, Supay, and adopting his cultural identity through the name of the band. How has this inspiration influenced your music and your lyrical approach?
Yes, Supayniyux was formed in 2004 by my brother (Lukuyay), my cousin (Sajgra) and myself. We can say that Supayniyux, from the beginning of the band, is united by blood.

We are all Ecuadorian and we migrated to Geneva, Switzerland between 2000 – 2002 and it was here, in our magnificent Swiss, that Supayniyux was born.

Supayniyux is “demonic” in the Quechua language, but in reality, it is a word given to the servants or followers of “Supay” god of death, lord of the underworld and the personification of evil in Inca mythology.

Indeed, the band took inspiration from Supay and we chose this name to maintain a connection and cultural identity with our native land.

In our lyrics Supay represents our deep opposition against all religions and has an important role in our lyrical approach. On contrary to the music approach where he hasn’t a significant influence and we only focus on create a bestial sound.

Could you tell us more about the current lineup of Supayniyux and the roles each member plays in creating their distinctive sound? How has the band evolved and grown since its formation in 2004?
As I previously said, Supayniyux was formed in 2004 by Lukuyay, Sajgra and Ukhupacha.

We belong to the same family, Ukhupacha and Lukuyay are brothers and Sajgra is our cousin.

But unfortunately, Sajgra left the group for personal reasons approximately 2 years ago, just before we started the recording of Infernal Genocide.

Previously (2008-2014) Supayniyux had among its members GOATPERV_ and J.FHRR (Eggs of Gomorrh members) with whom we recorded our work called “Aniquilación de Cristo”. They were good times of total chaos.

Otherwise, the current lineup members are UkhuPacha and Lukuyay. We continue to work as a duo and for the moment we are convinced that we are a solid, compact, efficient lineup that will allow Supayniyux to still offer all the blasphemy, all the aggressiveness, as well as all the rage that is present in us. Concerning the roles each member plays in creating our sound, we can say that all compositions are made together (music and lyrical approach). So, each person has an important role in the band.

“Infernal Genocide” will be available in limited edition tape format through From Deepest Records. What made you choose this format and what can listeners expect from the album’s physical release?
It is true that the first format announced was a limited edition of a tape format through From Deepest Records. However, we already made a pact with the same label to have a Vinyl version of the release around September/October. We take this opportunity to salute our brother from “From Deepest Records” and we thank him for the support, seriousness and investment he made during the production of “Genocidio Infernal”. Also, I want to point out that we have already worked with him in our previous work “Aniquilación de Cristo”(CD format) and everything was done in a very professional way.

In addition, a CD format will be available. It is not clear if “From Deepest Records” could still help us with this format. But, we already had a proposal from the label “Vomit Records” (Mexico). The release date is not clearly defined, but it will be soon.

Concerning the choice of the format, as you see, all formats are important for us and our listeners will also find a piece of art where blasphemy, destruction, darkness, perversion will be physically represented.

Do you have any plans to tour or perform in support of “Genocide Infernal”?
Not really, we are people who don’t do many concerts and for professional reasons it is difficult to do a big tour. But, we hope one day, sure, that we will have the opportunity to do a tour. However, in the past, we performed with bands like Handful and Hate, Eggs of Gomorrh, Hacavitz, Escarnium, Demonomancy, Profanatica, and others. Our last concert was on 3 July 2023, we accompanied Mystifier veterans and we presented the “Genocidio Infernal” release to the world.

Concerning future performances, we have a live concert on August 11 in Quito-Ecuador, and after that nothing else is planned. We will focus on the composition of our next album.

In your opinion, what are the ethical implications of actively opposing or challenging religious tenets?
Ethically, each human has the right to question, oppose, challenge and express their opinions about religious beliefs “Freedom of thought and expression”. This right is very important for the balance of our society. Because this encourages critical thinking, intellectual growth and also the pursuit of knowledge. I previously said that Supayniyux members were born in a society where the religion was present daily and this religion promoted disrespect, intolerance, discrimination towards individuals. With our album “Genocidio Infernal ” we did the same thing but in the opposite direction. We engage in a disrespectful, intolerant dialogue, and we don’t give a shit about the emotional, psychological impact that our blasphemy has on religious members. Religions never promoted understanding and respect to our ancient civilisations (for example Inca, Maya, Aztec, and others). Therefore, why will we have respect with all this religious plague? Dead to all this fucking pestilence.

From a philosophical point of view, how does Satanism challenge or redefine traditional notions of morality and spirituality?
Firstly, I would like to clarify that I am not a Satanist. I don’t believe in a “God” or in a “Devil” as the religion culturally imposed us. On the contrary, “Good” and“Evil” are real and we can experience them daily in our lives. What I respect in Satanism, contrary to Religion’s point of view, is that “if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, you don’t turn to them the other cheek also”.

However, “you smash them on the right”. This is an excellent example of a good redefinition of traditional Christian morality.

From a philosophical perspective, what are the ethical implications of addressing genocide in your art? How do you navigate the fine line between artistic expression and respect for the seriousness of such atrocities?
I already gave my point of view concerning the ethical implication of challenge religions tenets and my remarks are still valid concerning the fact to addressing the genocide in our art. We represent a justice that could have been done during the Inca colonization.

Finally, what message do you hope to convey to the listeners through “Genocide Infernal”? What impact do you want your music to have on the black metal scene and the audience that experiences it?
The main message we want to convey is “No religion, no God, no slaves to lies, destruction of stupid dogmas”.

About the impact that we want to have on the black metal scene… the truth is that we are not worried about that. We make music because we like it and it is made only for people who enjoy it, the rest does not matter to us.

Thanks for your time!
On the contrary, thank you for your interest in Supayniyux and our album “Genocidio Infernal”!

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