Interview with VIOLENT SIN

Interview with VIOLENT SIN

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What can fans expect from your forthcoming album, “Serpent’s Call”? How does it compare to your previous releases?
High Energy Speed Metal, we’ve matured a lot since our demos. 5 years is a long time. Technical it’s not a big leap but we make up for that in spirit!

You’ve mentioned that you draw inspiration from the legacy of heavy metal and its varied and diverse forms. Can you discuss some specific influences that inspired the creation of “Serpent’s Call”?
Defiantly Mercyful Fate’s Melissa album was an inspiration for us in this writing process. But Living Death has had a huge impact, Razor and Celtic Frost, Venom for that primal power.

“Serpent’s Call” features 11 tracks, each with its own unique sound and style. How did you go about selecting which songs would be included on the album, and what was the creative process like for each track?
Originally all songs were written in pre produced in 2019 to record mid 2020. Due to the pandemic and personal issues the band was put on hiatus until 2022. When we rebooted with a new line up we’ve selected these songs from the “pool” we have with ideas. They were basically ready to record songs. We tweaked them a bit to fit the new sound we’ve got and we’re ready to go! It’s within this tweaking that the title track was created because originally it wasn’t gonna be Serpent’s Call and we only had 10 songs. The reason why every song has its own distinct sound is that it also was written in different time periods all the way from 2016 until 2022 it’s a 6 year process and the album almost feels like a ritual passage from the band we once were and that we have become. We’ve started writing on the next release and that is more in the style of “Malicious” so the style of the older songs with the new vocals is more a farewell to our former selves.

Many of your song titles, such as “Deacon of Death” and “Ritual”, suggest a darker, more sinister tone to your music. Can you discuss the themes and concepts explored on “Serpent’s Call”?
The topics of the album are divided into three great thematics: Evil, Death and Metal. But even when it speaks about dying, torture and execution (like in Awaiting the Gallows or Deacon of Death), the ending is always glorious. Yes I DIE, YES WE DIE, but aren’t we dying doing what we like the most? For the title track, it bears a second meaning. When writing the lyrics of that song, I wanted it to be understood first as a basic call of evil, but also in a deeper way: the snake is a metaphor of metal music itself.
It means basically “join us!”. Okay, we are all in Hell, but can’t we rejoice and feast like the demons we are?

You’ve described your sound as “real metal is timeless”. What do you mean by this, and how do you strive to create a sound that is both classic and contemporary?
We simply don’t want to overthink anything. Metal from 1983 to 1987 has a certain structure more of a blueprint as you can put it. Get that formula and fill in the digits. We try our best to make something authentic if we fail we are just some degenerates fucking up the genre. But we can’t help living in today’s day and age so we get influenced by today’s music as well. It’s all about suppressing that.

With this being your debut album, what challenges did you face during the recording process and how did you overcome them?
Once we started to record in the summer of 2022 we did not really stop. We have our own recording studio since our guitarist is actually an audio engineer. And there we could just do our thing and not care about what is wrong or right. Everything was recorded in about 4 days in total. We didn’t really had problems because we did not make any… although the hard part was getting the mix down. Never really stood still by the fact that getting a classic sound in today’s day and age is just a hard thing to do. At the same time we have in today’s age access to everything (way too much) but in reality we can’t access shit. A plugin can only do so much… and choosing the right one is tricky. With just a few outboard units you’ll never has as much possibilities but you will know them by heart and know exactly where the sweet spots are.

The album’s sound has been described as maintaining a “murky clarity” reminiscent of classic metal records. Can you discuss how you achieved this sound and what inspired you to pursue this particular production style?
We went into the studio with no clue how we wanted it to turn out the only thing we knew was it had to be old school. We consist mostly out of doers, not thinkers… that leads us to just tweaking it and trying weird things. AND ALSO WE FUCKING LOVE REVERB, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TO MUCH REVERB. SAD? GET SOME REVERB! BROKE?? GET SOME REVERB? HAVE AN EMPTY HOLE IN YOUR SOUL THAT CANT BE FILLED WITH EVEN YOUR DEEPEST AND DARKEST DESIRES? YES YOU FUCKING GUESSED IT, GET SOME REVERB!

Your music often draws comparisons to classic metal bands such as Slayer, Exciter, and Warlock. How do you feel about these comparisons, and how do you strive to differentiate yourself from other bands in the genre?
We strive to pay homage to the genre. We don’t consider even close to these comparisons. It’s very flattering. But flattering makes you weak and that’s one thing we aren’t anymore we are looking to put out a strong live act and make sure kids will be able to bang their heads on those shows for years to come. We’re defending our fate, the ones that came before us will never be topped and there is no reason to do that. We try to be different than some other “younger” bands by creating something real.

Finally, what message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “Serpent’s Call”, and what are your plans for the future of Violent Sin? Thx!
LISTEN TO SPEED METAL, GO TO YOUR LOCAL GIGS, SUPPORT THE BANDS WHO KEEP THE FLAME BURNING. Our future plans consist of writing bangers to raise your fist to and coming to your local venue so you can raise your fist and bang your head and forget about all the bullshit in your life.
Thank you! Stay Metal!

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