Interview with Vipassi

Interview with Vipassi

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How does it feel to release your second full-length?
I feel really relieved. This took quite a lot of energy and time to get done, so its a great feeling to finally have it all out there. Definitely excited too, its the best thing I’ve ever played on personally.

What inspired the shift in sound and concept from “Sunyata” to “Lightless”?
Hard to pin that down to any one thing, but I would say its just how all of us have evolved so far as musicians and people. This band will always be inspired by the surroundings of the members.

Can you discuss the creative process behind “Lightless” and how collaboration influenced its direction?
Ben was the majority song writer on this album, much like album 1. Ben and I generally jam and discuss ideas before we tick them off as full songs and begin a deeper dissection and planning of the tracks. Benji and Arran lay down their parts generally after guitars and drums are done, those guys have amazing feel and work together really well with everyone, so the process is quite easy.

How do you craft complex soundscapes that take listeners on a journey?
I don’t really have an answer for that, it really is what comes out naturally for us. I feel this band, and record in particular, is the best version of all of us on one album. We all enjoy soundscapes and creating moods/stories with our instruments, and this platform is perfect for it.

How does the Buddhist concept of Vipassi influence your approach to music?
It really influenced us in the sense of just observing reality, observing what comes to us, and painting that into a story with our instruments.

What themes are explored in “Lightless” compared to “Sunyata”?
Lightless is more of a journey from one side to another, whereas Sunyata was a ball of energy was just propelled out there. Lightless I feel really has a soundscape/story attached to it, with how the tracks are assembled and with the layout of the album. Promethea especially delivers an epic finale and finished feeling.

How do you convey emotion and narrative without lyrics?
I think you do this by being very aware of your instrument and putting in a lot of work into your craft, and having a desire to be able to tell a story without words. Most music is focused on the lyrics and vocals, so it is a nice challenge to try to take the listener on a journey without the power of a vocalist.

Can you talk about the design process behind the “Lightless” artwork and its connection to the music?
I hit up Xen from Ne Obliviscaris to take on the duty of the art role, because I knew 1. he would be into the idea, and 2. he was very capable. Very happy with how his vision came to be. Its meant to have a ritual feeling with minimal light, in a fire. A very subjective but powerful image.

How do you balance complexity and accessibility in your music?
I really don’t have that question in mind when writing, this band really is about doing whatever we want. We have no real market or audience we can sell for, we are totally doing this to fulfill our own artistic desires really. I would say our music is not accessible at all due to no vocals, that immediately puts you in a tiny listening category. We do the best we can and hope for the best, haha

Any memorable moments or challenges during the recording of “Lightless”?
I think the most memorable moment for me is hearing the song Labyrinthine Hex come to be. It was one of the first ideas Ben sent over to me, probably in 2017, and 7 years later hearing the final version, is quite awesome. In terms of challenges, there’s plenty. Financial, finding time, convincing the label to put out another underground instrumental release etc… However the will to get this done far out weighed anything else.

Were there any experiments or techniques you’re excited for listeners to discover on “Lightless”?
I am definitely excited to see people’s responses to the final track Promethea, its the craziest thing we have done for sure.

What do you hope listeners take away from the experience of “Lightless”?
Just that they have painted a picture in their head and were taken on a journey. A movie without words, inside your head.

How do you ensure technicality serves the music’s emotional depth?
Again I really don’t know how to answer this question, in terms of making something technical, I have never gone into a writing session thinking ‘how do I make this technical’. I consider myself a musician first, drummer second, so I want to make good music period. If the end result sounds technical, its purely because that’s my best representation of my interpretation.

How does the theme of “Lightless” manifest throughout the music?
I would say it manifests in the dynamics, up and down, intense and somber. The moods of the album definitely influence that.

What’s next for Vipassi?
Continue promoting this album, hope it sells enough so the label doesn’t drop us, and begin writing album 3.

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