Interview with Wizards of Wiznan

Interview with Wizards of Wiznan

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Hi! “No Light Has No Shadow” is set to release on September 29, 2023. Can you share some insights into the album’s themes and what listeners can expect from this highly anticipated release?
The album explores dark themes such as loss, illness, and death, inspired by the history of the Black Plague in the Végenand region of Nendaz, the village we come from, located in Wallis, Switzerland. The songs delve deeply into these aspects of human suffering, providing an immersion into the soul. The lyrics evoke pain, solitude, the search for meaning in the face of adversity, and the confrontation with human fragility. Musically, the album combines heavy and powerful riffs with atmospheric melodies, creating an intense emotional experience.

With the album’s release date approaching, how has the band been preparing for the launch, both creatively and in terms of promotion and marketing?
For the album release, we focused on both creativity and promotion. Creatively, we fine-tuned the album details, including musical arrangements (e.g., doubled guitar melodies, vocal arrangements). Regarding promotion, we worked closely with Argonauta Records to implement a strong marketing strategy, starting with teasers, then the release of the single “Absolute Void,” accompanied by a video that required a lot of work. We also increased our frequency of Facebook and Instagram posts.

Could you walk us through the creative process behind “No Light Has No Shadow”? What inspired the album’s title and artwork?
The album title, “No Light Has No Shadow,” reflects the idea that even in the darkest moments of life, there is always a trace of hope or light. The artwork for our upcoming album was created by the talented artist Inken Stabell, whom we discovered on Instagram and contacted for this special collaboration. This visual piece depicts a character standing alone in front of the vastness of the mountains. The choice to place a character in the midst of these expansive mountains serves as a symbol of human suffering. The character’s isolation amidst these peaks mirrors the overwhelming sense of solitude that loss, disease, or death can impose. The choice of a black and white palette adds a dimension of contrast and intensity to the image, further strengthening the connection with the themes of the album.

The themes of loss, illness, and death have been integral to your music. How do these themes manifest in the new album, and have there been any new perspectives or experiences that influenced the lyrical content?
The themes of loss, illness, and death are explored in depth in the album. We drew inspiration from the history of the Black Plague that affected the Végenand region in Nendaz, and these themes manifest in the lyrics and music of three of our songs: “Feed the Fire,” “La Sorcière du Végenand,” and “Reign.” For “Absolute Void” and “Seeds of Light,” we focused on human suffering, specifically depression, and the concept of death, respectively. We didn’t have any particular experiences that influenced our lyrics. It came quite naturally with the new compositions. We hope that listeners can connect with the emotions we are trying to express through our music.

Can you describe some of the challenges and rewards of working with Argonauta Records for this release? How did the partnership come about?
Our partnership with Argonauta Records has been a significant step for us. The label has extensive experience in the post/doom/sludge genre and helps us promote our music internationally. As a challenge, we could mention that all communication is done via email since it is located in Italy, and we are in Switzerland. Despite the distance, the cooperation happened naturally with Gero, the label’s boss, and everything is going very well. We are excited to work with them for the album release. As a fun fact, for the contract signing, we all went to Italy and booked a nice hotel by the sea: a great experience.

In your opinion, what sets “No Light Has No Shadow” apart from Experimental Brew, both in terms of musicality and the emotions it aims to evoke?
“No Light Has No Shadow” differs from “Experimental Brew” in several ways. Musically, it is more intense and darker, with stronger influences from genres like doom, sludge, and black metal. “Experimental Brew” was much more influenced by stoner. This first EP was the result of our budding project, and we were still defining ourselves as a band and learning to play with each other. This album is more representative of the blend of different influences of the band members. The themes explored are also deeper and more introspective, and we want to offer a more intense emotional experience. This album marks a significant evolution of our sound and musical identity.

Are there any notable collaborations or guest appearances on the new album that you’d like to discuss?
There are no notable collaborations or special appearances on the album. We chose to focus on our own musical voice for this release. Perhaps in the future?

Do you have plans for live performances or tours to support “No Light Has No Shadow”?
Currently, we haven’t organized a release party for the album. However, we will be performing the album as part of the “Argonauta Fest,” organized by our label Argonauta Records, along with our friends from Splendidula (BE) and Unverkalt (GR; GER). We will be performing on November 17th and 18th, respectively in Ghent (BE) at Asgaard Gentbrücke, and in Eisenhüttenstadt (GER) at Rockhütte. We are looking forward to sharing these songs on stage and creating an immersive experience for the audience.

How do you envision the album resonating with your existing fanbase, and do you hope to reach new audiences with this release?
We hope that our existing fan base, which has followed our artistic evolution since our beginnings, will also enjoy the album, even though it differs from its predecessor, “Experimental Brew,” and even though our style has more influences from sludge and black metal. At the same time, we hope to reach new audiences, even beyond Switzerland, thanks to this.

The combination of atmospheric melodies and heavier riffs is a key feature of your music. Can you delve into how this dynamic plays out on “No Light Has No Shadow”?
The balance between clean sections, atmospheric melodies, and heavy riffs is indeed a key feature of our music. By blending our influences from doom, sludge, and black metal, we really wanted to play with this on “No Light Has No Shadow.” We try to combine the heaviness of riffs, which can be aggressive at times, with moments of contemplation through clean passages or melodies. We aim to create a sonic experience that envelops the listener, especially during our live performances. These aspects reflect the overall concept of our album (and its artwork), where the human experience sometimes confronts us with dark moments but also with light.

As artists, how do you approach translating the intensity and emotions of your music into a live performance? What can audiences expect from your live shows in support of the new album?
On stage, we aim to make both bodies and minds resonate with our powerful sound. We use imposing equipment, including large cabinets, three guitars, drums, and bass, to propel a massive sound into the air, creating a powerful sonic wave that envelops the audience. Our goal is to create an immersive atmosphere where everyone present can feel connected to our music.

In the context of the music industry’s ever-changing landscape, how do you navigate the challenges and opportunities of releasing an album in 2023?
In the constantly evolving music landscape, we adapt by using digital tools and social media to promote our music. We also believe in the importance of live performances to connect with our audience. It’s a balance between artistic creativity and promotion that guides us.

Looking beyond the album release, what are your aspirations and goals for Wizards of Wiznan in the coming years, and how does “No Light Has No Shadow” fit into that vision? Thank you for your time!
“No Light Has No Shadow” is a significant milestone for us in our musical journey. After this album, we aspire to continue evolving as a band and exploring new dimensions of our music. In doing so, we will continue to find our direction together and define ourselves. We hope to keep creating music that resonates with people and share our passion. We also hope to continue having as much fun working together in the future. Thank you for your questions.

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