Italian Alt/Prog Metal Band FROZEN SAND Release Official Videoclip For “Midnight”

Italian Alt/Prog Metal Band FROZEN SAND Release Official Videoclip For “Midnight”

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Our brand-new Official Videoclip, MIDNIGHT, as second release which anticipates our upcoming album “Fractals: A Light among Shadows”, released today!

Born from a draft idea conceived by our bassist Tiziano “The Enigmatic” back in 2019, MIDNIGHT is a way much harsher and darker than our latest release, “The Aftertaste”, but it is also one of our most technical and incisive works ever!! And, of course, the videoclip we managed to make for this song is up to it, definitely powerful and harsh too.

“MIDNIGHT” metaphorically refers to “the darkest hour” of every man’s life, the moment when night falls and your whole world seems to crumble down and collapse on itself. In that very instant, you find yourself alone with your own ghosts and shadows, reality gets blurred, so that it is impossible to glimpse any light at the end of the tunnel.

Available on all digital platforms from Wednesday, March 22nd

FROZEN SAND is an Alternative Prog. Metal band from Italy, active since 2010.

We narrate concepts and stories through Time and Space by means of modern alternative / progressive metal.

Luca “The Dreamer” Pettinaroli: VOCALS
Federico “The Rational” De Benedetti: GUITARS
Tiziano “The Enigmatic” Vitiello: BASS GUITAR
Mattia “The Skeptic” Cerutti: GUITARS
Simone “The Mediator” De Benedetti: DRUMS


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