LAMORI Release New Video ”My Desire”

LAMORI Release New Video ”My Desire”

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Goth rockers Lamori presents a new video ”My Desire”, song taken from the band’s astonishing album Neon Blood Fire. The new album will be out on May 24th via Wormholedeath Records.

About the new song, the band stated:

“Imagine if Vecna, the nefarious antagonist from Stranger Things, had an even more sinister twin. He’d likely be the embodiment of ”My Desire”, the band chuckles as they humorously discuss their latest song.”

Their spine-chilling new track promises to be a thrill ride through a haunted house, on fire, in hell, with a black cherry on top. It comes packed with infectious hooks and a head-banger-friendly breakdown.

The accompanying music video is nothing short of infernal. It’s not for the faint of heart, the band laughs. We wanted to create something truly frightening and scary” they explain. “And we believe we captured that diabolical and hysterical atmosphere in the video. But despite our terrifying appearance, we’re all really just soft and sweet mummy boys who go to church every Sunday.

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