Lebenssucht “-273,15°C” to be released on April, 2020

Lebenssucht “-273,15°C” to be released on April, 2020

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Thanatoskult records set April 7th, 2020 as the official release date for Lebenssucht‘s (Belgium/Austria) highly-anticipated debut album “-273,15°C”!

Lebenssucht is a band that is both uncompromising and relentless.
Being founded in late 2015 they are breaking the boundaries of traditional DSBM, exploring depressive imagery as a tool of artistic expression as opposed to a limiting fundamental theme.

The term “Lebenssucht” means squeezing life out, with all negative and positive aspects, until the very last drop. All members find their peace by transforming the worst into their own strength.

Following their 2016 released EP “Fucking My Knife” this is especially highlighted on their upcoming debut full-length record “-273,15°C” which expands on a heavy atmospheric sound with aggressive and, at times, disturbing tendencies.

Cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

01 – Trauerweide
02 – A Hole In My Heart
03 – Moment Of Violence
04 – Mirrors
05 – Nullpunkt
06 – [-273,15°C]

S Caedes – lead vocals
Ahephaïm – drums, backing vocals
Irleskan – lead guitar, vocals
Arboria – rhythm guitar


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