Legion of Andromeda “Iron Scorn” review

Legion of Andromeda “Iron Scorn” review

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Legion of Andromeda “Iron Scorn”

At War With False Noise / Unholy Anarchy

To be honest, it was hard start of the day for me, when I just press play button to listen to “Iron Scorn”… Two guys did truly hard to listen stuff… I do not like any drone, minimalistics and etc, and this stuff didn’t affected to me as well. Seven tracks, approx 4-8 minutes each, but for me those were like endless:). The music (music?!) I have heard out of here is, as stated – minimalistic metal… Well, minimalistic or maximalistic, does not have a matter; maybe I’m not a right person who able to judge if Legoin Of Andromeda plays good or bad stuff, so I’ll try just to write what I have heard here. Here is some slow tuned, slow structured stuff, made by the same rhythms and atmosphere, maybe this is mandatory for this style, I do not know, but for me it was too brutal. As you can understand, the music here is really minimalistic, you’ll not hear anything catching and memorable out of there, all you’ll hear are those low tuned one type guitars, roars and hysterical screams, and,,, and that’s all… Highly primitive and minimalistic stuff, for those who do not care if his/her mind will be overwhelmed by total primitivism and sick ideas. I have no more to say, but I know there are lots of people who like such kind of music, so maybe “Iron Scorn” will be OK for them, and I need to refresh my mind now, hehe!


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