PIA ISA To Release Digital Only EP “Burning Time”

PIA ISA To Release Digital Only EP “Burning Time”

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Norwegian psychedelic drone rocker PIA ISA, also known as a member of Superlynx, is set to release a digital-only solo EP titled “Burning Time” on March 8th. This EP serves as a follow-up to her solo debut, “Distorted Chants,” released via Argonauta Records in 2022, and acts as a teaser for her forthcoming album, scheduled for release by late Spring.
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“I recorded the three songs on this ep during my second album sessions last year. While waiting for the album release I am excited to share two songs that there weren’t space for on the record, and a cover of Radiohead’s beautiful Burn the Witch.
The title Burning Time binds the three songs together, as fire and time are recurring symbols in them.
Since my first album I have been focusing on song writing and developing my sound. Regarding the sound Ole Teigen has also played a big part as a producer and drummer. He also did a really cool guitar solo on Burn the Witch.
The album comes out later this year and also features Gary Arce on several songs. Until then, here is Burning Time.“

– says Pia Isa

1. Burn the Witch – written by Radiohead
2. Treasure – written by PIA ISA / Pia Isaksen
3. Nothing Can Turn It Back – written by PIA ISA / Pia Isaksen

Pia Isaksen: Bass, guitar, vocals
Ole Teigen: Drums + guitar solo on Burn the Witch

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Ole Teigen / Crowtown Recordings
Co produced by Pia Isaksen
Mastered by Fridtjof Lindeman at Svenska Grammofonstudion

Pia Isa is the solo project of bassist/vocalist Pia Isaksen from Norwegian heavy psych/doom band Superlynx. She is now gearing up for the release of her second album “Dissolve” which like the debut features Gary Arce (Yawning Man, Big Scenic Nowhere etc) on several songs in addition Ole Teigen (Superlynx) on drums and production.
Having played and written music for most of her life a solo project has been brewing in Pia’s mind for a long time. Everything has aligned and “Distorted Chants” was the result of that. As much as she loves playing with Superlynx (formed in 2013) and other people her ideas for this music seemed more right to work through on her own.

Pia’s music is rooted in slow heavy drones but also has a lighter, dreamy and hopeful side. She is inspired by massive soundscapes, heavy psych, meditative moods, desert vibes and Eastern scales as well as her Nordic coastal surroundings. Superlynx listeners may recognize her slow, heavy and minimalistic riffs and haunting sometimes chanting voice.

Pia has an open mind to a lot of different music. Not caring about fitting to any genre but channeling honest and heartfelt music in her own way.

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