LUCIFERS HAMMER “Beyond the omens” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

LUCIFERS HAMMER “Beyond the omens” review (by Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD))

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LUCIFER’S HAMMER “Beyond the Omens”
Shadow Kingdom records

Now there’s time for some Heavy Metal. LUCIFERS HAMMER comes from the capitol of Chile and is a young band that was found three years ago. So that’s quite clear that “Beyond omens” is their first full-length. Before that they released only a demo called just “Demo MMXIII”. Anyway, name comes after a novel of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

As I see there’s any info that musicians played somewhere before. However, on mentioned album we have eight songs of well-played Heavy Metal influenced by titans of this genre. There’s enough melody, but also some aggression so if it’s easy to listen to. But it doesn’t mean that we have here some “sweet candle” or something like that – what from time to time happens during the creation of Heavy, Epic, Power or how you want to call it! Musicians found right balance between one and another. Of course very important here are guitars (as in this genre and METAL in general). They’re on the first place together and there’re sometimes some solos, of course. Maybe they’re not very complicated, but interesting enough and show technical abilities of guitarists. The same like riffs – maybe quite typical for music like that, maybe they remind some band from London who lives since 1975, but… I don’t care, if it takes my opinion. Music of Chileans is very well-developed and it’s a honey for my ears as we use to say in Poland. As IU said guys didn’t contrive when they created their song.  Just played good Heavy Metal as it should be done!

Cover-art interacts with topic of the lyrics.  They’re connected with dark fantasies (as describe it band’s members) and occultism. Well, to be correct artwork strongly suggests this first one. There’s forest, harvest moon, wolves, injured knight, his lover, castle in background. Logo is also, we can say, very epic one. But in my opinion there’s some connotation with Black. I mean, this logo would be the same good one for Heavy (as in this case) and Black Metal band.  After members’ pic we can see that they’re really influenced by occultism and stuff like that.

To sum up I recommend this album to all who at least like Heavy Metal. For those ones who love this music it’s mandatory position in their collection!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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