Lyric video: TANKARD “Arena Of The True Lies”

Lyric video: TANKARD “Arena Of The True Lies”

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The band has released the first single titled “Arena Of The True Lies” right in time for the pre-order start today. The song was premiered last Saturday on Rock Antenne and can be heard and watched in the form of a lyric video over on YouTube:

Vocalist Gerre commented on the track:

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“‘Arena Of The True Lies’ deals with all of those insane things occuring on in the Internet! People are getting blamed and offended, there are lots of fake news stories and with every one, a part of them stays in people’s minds! Our own fake news story on April 1st was a good example of this! People have stopped talking to each other, and they mainly communicate via new media. These are strange times… By the way: TANKARD have existed as a fake band for over 35 years, but we’re still doing well, aren’t we?”