MAGNUM “Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines” review (by Droll)

MAGNUM “Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines” review (by Droll)

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MAGNUM “Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies”
Steamhammer / SPV

Against the background of the news late 2015/beginning of 2016 (Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Glenn Fry of The Eagles), receiving the message that the veterans are going release a new album is more than pleasant. Because for those who started in the ’70s to be alive (sad but true) is an achievement. And to keep the creative activity – at least worthy of attention. British MAGNUM are just such the “dinosaurs” that not only survived, but also quite cheerful today. And at the end of February will present its 18th album Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines.

Tony Clarkin composes constantly, so the main problem was to choose songs for an album. There are ten tracks in Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines and it’s clear that they have passed through cruel selection. All of them are completely different, and each one  remembered in its own way.

Melody was always inherent to MAGNUM, whatever they do. But in this album emphasis is on rock’n’roll and hard-rock. Main track “Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines” with Bob Catley’s charismatic vocals, guitar riffs and solos from Clarkin and precise rhythm-section by Al Barrow (bass) and Harry James (drums) is an evidence. There is also “Gypsy Queen” with great, groovy solo and “Quiet Rhapsody” with that riff, that catches from the first note.

Quoting Clarkin himself: “I’ve always been into rock numbers. But it isn’t necessarily that easy to write really good rock material. It’s much more simple to compose a ballad. But that dynamic pace suits Magnum perfectly“.

Well, there are plenty of ballads too in this album. Closing “Don’t Cry Baby” with many keyboards and great keyboard solo – the art of keyboardist Mark Stanway. It’s easy to fall in love with it, just listen to it once. Not less remembered track “Your Dreams Won’t Die” which is based on a piano chord sequence and could lead you to believe that Magnum have put to music their own band philosophy.  “To me, the title and lyrics have an almost religious depth, – says Clarkin – There’s a saying that somebody is not forgotten if their name is remembered. I don’t think that far ahead, but of course it’s a nice notion that this band may always be remembered because so many people love our music“.

Sacred Blood ‘Divide’ Lines will be released in February, 26, by Steamhammer/SPV label.


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