Metal East: Nove Kolo festival – full line-up and additional info!

Metal East: Nove Kolo festival – full line-up and additional info!

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Are you ready for this date – May, 31st – June, 2nd 2019?

Nove Kolo – International Metal Music Festival located in Ukraine!

Ukraine, Kharkiv, Plekhanivska str., 126M
Art-zavod MEKHANIKA Inaya Zemlya


  • Hate Forest (Ukraine)
  • Saor (Scotland)
  • Bergrizen (Ukraine)
  • Archgoat (Finland)
  • Entombed A.D. (Sweden)
  • Sargeist (Finland)
  • Harakiri for the sky (Austria)
  • Pestilence (Netherlands)
  • Raventale (Ukraine)
  • Enthroned (Belgium)
  • Demilich (Finland)
  • Severoth (Ukraine)
  • Zemial (Greece)
  • Ajattara (Finland)
  • Horna (Finland)
  • White Ward (Ukraine)
  • Agatus (Greece)
  • Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
  • Necrophobic (Sweden)
  • Necrom (Ukraine)
  • Ygg (Ukraine)

What is the Metal East Nove Kolo Festival?

Much more than just a festival – we are committed to offer a complete and unique cultural event; the symbiosis of all forms of artistic expression within a historical, mythological and traditional representation of the great European narrative through the ages, cultures, and people that formed and continue to shape it.

History has been forged over centuries in many ways, and Art was one of its main vehicles, which is why you will find not only concerts, but also other cultural forms such as crafts, cooking, painting, photography, literature etc. We want to offer you a unique event and an overall experience.

Therefore this project will materialize at an atypical place, right in the center of our beautiful city of Kharkiv. We are waiting for many of you from May 31 to June 2, to honor together the memory of our glorious ancestors in a fraternal and family atmosphere, to revive the flame of the past, like a torch in the darkness.

History of the festival

Over the years, the Nove Kolo concept has united people to support independent artists.

In 2017, we held the Kolovorot Nove Kolo, in 2018 we paid tribute to the French festival Ragnard. It’s time to move on and create our own festival brand.

So, in 2019, the first Metal East Festival will take place: a festival created by a team gathered over the past years under the sign of the Nove Kolo.

We will take into account all the experience gained, eliminate the drawbacks and save the best from previous festivals.

Nove Kolo: Art. History. Tradition

Besides metal music Metal East: Nove Kolo festival is also dedicated to wide spectrum of activities of mankind from Ukraine, Europe and the whole world.

This integral part of the event is called “Art. History. Tradition” and will be represented with performances, master classes, lectures and exhibitions from numerous artists, folk musicians, historians, craftsmen and many more. The announcements regarding this cultural program of the festival will be made alongside with the announcements of bands that will be playing on the stage.

Do not miss also Metal East: Nove Kolo – Warm-Up Show!

13 April 2019 Year.
Ukraine, Kyiv, Peremohy Avenue, 112
Bingo Club


About Warm-Up Show

Since many Ukrainian metal music fans and guests of our country are still used to visit gigs and festivals only in Kyiv, we have prepared for you a very special surprise to give you all an idea of what to expect from our main festival in Kharkiv.

On Saturday, the April 13th of 2019 in Bingo Club, there will be a killer Metal East: Nove Kolo preparty show. Please take notice that there you will have a possibility to buy the tickets for Metal East: Nove Kolo main festival in Kharkiv with discount.

Looking forward to meet you both at preparty show on April 13th in Kyiv and at the festival from May 31st to June 2nd in Kharkiv!

About bands

Black metal and punk rock, Satanism and alcohol, nuclear war and sex, militant heroism of forefathers and everyday violence, rock’n’roll and grindcore. There is only one band on our long-suffering mother planet Earth, which unites all this stuff in its music, and this band is Impaled Nazarene.

The second foreign headliner of the Metal East Nove Kolo warm-up party in Kyiv – legendary Asphyx from the Netherlands! The band known as European fathers of true death/doom metal – the style where death component reigns over doom one – led by one of the most distinctive extreme metal vocalists ever, Martin van Drunen, will give the lesson in harshness and hopelessness to audience of the show.

The free wind of steppes brings forth the smoke of conflagrations, the echoing rhythm of Cossacks armies marching into battle and the sounds of their music. Burshtyn is the new name on Kharkiv scene, formed by its long-running representatives. The band already released two records, and their brand of combative black metal already gained the support of many metal underground people.

Sectorial band was formed in ancient year of 2000 by schoolmates in Boyarka town of Kyiv region. Though the new chapter in history of the band began in 2007 with continuous records and gigs, the guys made a true breakthrough in 2015 with their second full-length album “We Are the Titan’s Rising Ashes”. High quality modern death/grind accompanied by Ukrainian folk instruments with clever, thought-provoking lyrics immediately tamed many fans and even gained two awards at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act event – for the best album and video of the year. And in 2018 Sectorial released the same powerful third full-length album – “VYR”.

Mutanter are veterans of Ukrainian death metal from Kharkiv, who finally released their full-length studio album entitled “The Limit” in 2018 through German label Kernkraftritter Records. Their powerful performance simply blew away audience during the album release show, which happened in summer at Ragnard Reborn: Nove Kolo fest in Kharkiv.

Tickets for the Warm-Up Show


  • fan zone – $24
  • premium – $40
  • ticket pack (Metal East + Warm Up Show) – $77.2

Festival tickets:


  • ticket for three days – $58
  • premium for three days – $140
  • ticket pack (Metal East + Warm Up Show) – $77.2

(The number of tickets at special prices is limited. Then the tickets will be more expensive)

Official website of the festival
Facebook page
Facebook event
Instagram page

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