MIST “Inan’” review (written by Acid Zombie)

MIST “Inan’” review (written by Acid Zombie)

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MIST “Inan’”
Soulseller Recors

MIST is four girls with guitar, bass, drums and microphone stand plus one guy with solo guitar. They’re playing doom metal with strong occult influence. First two-tracked demo in 2013, lot of concerts (including major festivals and opening for legendary HELSTAR and CAUCHEMAR from Canada) and now first release with four tracks for Soulseller Records. What I must say? In comparison with demo’s sound, guitars became sharper and more piercingly, drums more sonours, vocals became deeper and more voluminous. All these probably conditioned by a professional recording. Influence of proto-heavy and classic hard-rock has become still more pronounced. And it’s wonderful!!!  Just listen riffs in “Under Night Sky” and title song “Inan’ ”!!! “Frozen Velvet” weird and mysterious half-ballad, and prime pretender to the recommended track. Final track is “Phobia” already known from debut demo and now sounding much better. Hopefully, Soulseller Records will unleash a vinyl version of “Inan’ ”it deserves it as no other.


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