Mistur “In Memoriam” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Mistur “In Memoriam” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Mistur “In Memoriam”
Dark Essence Records

Again Norway, but this time more typical, according to binding superstition, music. And it’s easy to guess it after looking at cover-art, don’t you?!? MISTUR is a quite experienced band found in 2003. But “In memoriam” is only their second full-length. Well, better to record something less often, but with musical quality and so no, or what?!?

Anyway, these five guys have a little complicated name for their music: Viking/Folk/Black Metal. Frankly speaking I can’t hear anything what could be connected in any way with Folk! The only thing which can explain away using this word is topic of texts (Norse mythology). Besides as for me using words “folk” and “viking” is in this case a pleonasm, tautology or how you want to call it. Weren’t it Vikings who created Norse mythology, so also everything (with music and traditions in the lead) what we can call “folk”?!?

OK, let’s leave these linguistic intricacies! The most important thing here was, is and always will be music. At least I think that this is a<z point in review. So I hear quite interesting, melodic and even in some way (but only some parts) atmospheric or symphonic Black Metal. I’ll never say that guys don’t know what for they have instruments or something like that! I’ll also never say that it’s typical and there’s nothing interesting here. Well, that’s truth that I already heard some quite huge number of bands who played just in this way. But I don’t opine that one has something to do with another. Guitars play in various and really clever way. Sometimes we have here solos or riffs which outreach borders of Black Metal – especially for orthodox fans of this genre. And it happens quite often. Tempos fluctuate from low to fast or even very fast in pure Black way. Earlier I told that it’s sometimes atmospheric or symphonic in some way. So that’s clear that band uses keyboard. But it’s not used too much and too often. Result is that we haven’t some sweet melodies and stuff like that! This is lesson how to use this instrument and don’t destroy “this” climate. I say even more: it’s lesson how to use it to create it. When we have to do with clean vocal instead of harsh or there’s no vocal at all, music isn’t in mentioned above genre in my opinion. I can hear some Heavy or even Thrash from time to time. For example we have here (not so often, but it is) penny whistles – as I know this technique of playing guitar isn’t something typical for Black Art. It makes that there happens really a lot in this music.

Well, it doesn’t matter with how epithets we’ll call this music. What does matter is that I like this stuff more and more with every listening.


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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