MOMENTUM “Prosthetic Sea” track stream

MOMENTUM “Prosthetic Sea” track stream

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2015 proved to be an extremely successful year in terms of critically acclaimed releases for Dark Essence Records, and the Norwegian label has decided to kick off 2016 with a tasty re-release, in digital format, of the debut full-length album from Icelandic Progressive Doom Metallers MOMENTUM. “Fixation, at Rest” is set for release on the 15th January, and the track ” Prosthetic Sea ” from the album can be heard here:

WIth the band’s sophomore full-length album “The Freak Is Alive” finding its way into a plethora of “Best of 2015” lists, it’s not such a surprising idea to let fans experience an album they may have missed the first time around. Originally released in 2010, with the band’s then-lineup of Hörður Ólafsson on Vocals & Bass, Ingvar Sæmundsson on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Kristján Einar Guðmundsson on Drums and Erling Orri Baldursson on Guitar. The ten-track album was recorded at Island Studios by Axel Árnason and Studio Njallinn by Momentum in 2009 and mixed and mastered by Axel Árnason at Studio ReFlex in 2010

Artwork for “Fixation, at Rest” is by Hörður Ólafsson . Track listing as follows:
01 – Intro
02 – Metamorphose
03 – Holding Back
04 – Red Silence
05 – The Conduits Lead
06 – As The Skies Break
07 – Prosthetic Sea
08 – The Eye That Leads the Way
09 – Inspiration
10 – Fixation, at Rest

With “Fixation, at Rest”, MOMENTUM had very much left behind them their Black/Death Metal roots and developed a sound and an identity that is distinctly their own, and which uses not just music and lyrics, but also frontman Hörður Ólafsson’s idiosyncratic artwork as an integral part of the band’s overall concept .

Now a trio, MOMENTUM’s lineup comprises Kristján on Drums, Holaf on Vocalsand Bass , and Ingvar on Guitar and Vocals. It is a band whose sound is best described as the merging of atmospheric post-rock, reminiscent of ISIS and CULT OF LUNA, together with a level of bone-crushing heaviness broken up by soft singing and relaxed clean passages, intense vocals layered over discordant, staccato bursts, and mingling with eerie sound textures that explode into high-impact power chords, which bring to mind the work of NEUROSIS.


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