MORBID ANGEL Scheduling Studio Return

MORBID ANGEL Scheduling Studio Return

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Death metal veterans MORBID ANGEL are preparing to enter the studio to begin work on their first album since the departure of bassist/vocalist David Vincent and return of Steve Tucker.

Speaking with DJ Jet on her radio broadcast “The Metal Magdalena” on Metal Messiah Radio, Tucker said about MORBID ANGEL‘s current status (hear audio below): “Right now what’s going on with MORBID is pretty much scheduling. Everything right now is just scheduling. We’re getting everything together to make a new MORBID ANGEL album — getting dates set to start that process.”

Last June, Tucker said that he was back in MORBID ANGEL to make a “full-on death metal” album. He continued: “Obviously, it’s a MORBID ANGEL album, [and] there’ll be twists and turns on the album, there’ll be stuff that’s different, but I think it being aggressive and it being underground is really what it’s gonna be about. I think that MORBID ANGEL is a death metal band, and that’s what this album — this next one — will be.”

Tucker added: “When I got the phone call from Trey, when he called me to ask me to come back this time, when he called me, he told me, ‘Man, I want the band to be death metal. I want the band to be brutal. I want the band to be underground. I wanna do what we used to do, because I love doing that, and that’s what I wanna do.’ And he asked me, would I like to do it as well? And I said, ‘Yeah. I think I would.'”

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