MORBID SAINT “Spectrum of death” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

MORBID SAINT “Spectrum of death” review (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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MORBID SAINT “Spectrum of death” (extended edition)
Century Media records

YEAAAAH!!! Another legend comes here with newest stuff. Well, actually it’s not at all new stuff. The fact is that we have here four quite new songs (recorded in 2010 and 2011), but in general this is re-release of cult albums “Spectrum of death” and “Destruction system” (remastered coz it actually was a demo) + mentioned relative new songs and four which until now was unreleased.

And in fact I could end this review here… Everyone knows what these four Americans play – even if from original line-up there’s only Jay Visser. But it doesn’t matter that the others are greenhorns. No way! Only a bassist Bob Zabel didn’t play anywhere earlier. At least I didn’t find any information about it. Drummer and especially rhythm guitarist Marco Martell are experienced musicians. He played several kinds of METAL in several bands from various places in the States. So I suppose that he moved also quite often.

Anyway, old school Thrash Metal will be always old school Thrash Metal! We have rather to do with this in German style. Rather coz in general I’d say that it’s a mixed with Bay Area’s one sometimes. But I hear here more elements of this first. Way in which drums plays is very characteristic. It connotes Ventor. To be honest vocal in most of the parts reminds me band in who he plays (with break between 1994 and 1996), too. As to guitars they play in aggressive and “lawful” way. Of course we can listen to some solos from time to time. But they’re not so expended or elaborate. Thank to it music don’t lose its Thrash Metal nature even momentarily. It’s just like it should be!

Well, as I said we have on this digipack which contains 2 CDs only four relative new songs. So maybe I should write this review only about them?!? But I already did it in another way, and that’s why it is like it is. However, I can’t hear any bigger differences between these “prehistoric” and “present” songs. This is still old school Thrash Metal played in German style. Of course I could, if I’d really insist, find some technical details and so on which tell one from another. Especially that every musician (at least quite good one who as well take creating of music seriously) plays even the same material in own specific way.

So is there sense to look for these differences?!? NO!!! But there’s sense, a must and even devoir to get this stuff!!! It concern first of all fans of the genre, of course.


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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