MORBID SLAUGHTER revealed 1st song and album details

MORBID SLAUGHTER revealed 1st song and album details

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att1e88aMORBID SLAUGHTER, the Peruvian masters of the macabre, will release their debut full-length entitled “A Filty Orgy Of Horror And Death” on September 4th.

The album will be available in three formats: A CD digipack deluxe version will be released by Inti Records from Peru, a vinyl LP will be released by Boris Records (USA) and a “die hard” tape edition is coming directly from the band.

Dirty Filthy Blackened Speed! A mix of Bathory, Hellhammer, old Mayhem and horror tales! Take a ride with these southern ghouls!

The album track “Torture Without Anesthesia” is available here:

1. Cannibal Slaughter
2. Zombie Splatter Axe
3. Chainsaw Blade
4. Fuck Off, We Murder (GG Allin & The Murder Junkies – Cover)
5. Death’s Cold Blood
6. Torture Without Anesthesia
7. Slay With Steel

Envenom – Vocals / Guitar
Ripping Corpse – Bass
Necrophiliac Sodomizer – Guitar










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