Mythraeum Release 4-song Ep To All Digital Platforms Today; Watch Video For “Where Roots Refuse To Cling” Now

Mythraeum Release 4-song Ep To All Digital Platforms Today; Watch Video For “Where Roots Refuse To Cling” Now

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Last month M-Theory Audio announced its latest signing, San Diego’s MYTHRAEUM, the latest winners of the Wacken Metal Battle USA. The Black Metal band beat out over 140 other hopeful metal acts through a series of regional battle of the bands, resulting in a national final with the winner to represent the US and perform alongside 29 other countries at the prestigious metal festival – Wacken Open Air held in Germany every August. Inspired by their relentless attack, supportive crowd reaction, work ethic and eventual victory, M-Theory Audio were inspired by the potential of the young group and offered to help them spread their music internationally. Today marks the release of the EP ‘Halls of Mythras’ available to hear on all streaming and download platforms.

“We’re excited to be unleashing the ‘Halls of Mythras’ EP, and we are already hard at work writing our debut full-length album. We hope you all enjoy,”

says Mythraeum.

Today also marks the release of the lyric video for emphasis track “Where Roots Refuse To Cling” – watch HERE Created by Raf Orteaga (Hecate Enthroned, The Absence, Helsott) it creates a dark vibe around the essence of the band’s material, which works in perfect balance to their previous live clip “Terrestrial Despair” shot at Wacken Open Air

“’Where Roots Refuse to Cling’ is a song we’ve been wanting to release in all its recorded glory for a while,”

explains the band.

“It is definitely a sonically dense, heavy experience with a torrent of melody after melody and unrelenting drums. We’re excited to share the lyric video which reflects the intensity of the music perfectly and opens a window into the shared lore of the musical narrative.” 

MYTHRAEUM will be headlining their hometown of San Diego June 17th at Brick By Brick with support from Imperialist, Withermoon, Druide, and Son Ov Leviathan. Watch for more live shows as the group continues working on a full-length follow-up.

Formed a few years back, Mythraeum spawned from the mind of guitarist Wraith (Alonzo Larios) who assembled some of San Diego’s finest metal musicians who shared the same spark of mysticism and misanthropic musings which befell the black metal scene in Scandinavia several decades earlier. These young musicians had ambitions of crafting a brand of black metal that dared to push the musical boundaries by blending crushing heaviness with harrowing technicality, and ethereal melodies in an alchemical process which weaved esoteric myths of nature, gods, love, hate, death, and rebirth.
Wraith alongside Hagalaz (Ben Wilson) on drums, Spectre (Nicholas Lepisto) on bass, Algiz (Zach Simsay) on guitar, and Plague (Anthony Vivoli) on vocals combined into a new energetic and driving force playing shows including the Wacken Metal Battle victory and armed with a new record deal MYTHRAEUM have the ambition to create an impressionable new album. Get your first taste of MYTHRAEUM’s potential by checking out the new EP, ‘Halls of Mythras’ online now at all streaming and download platforms.

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