Naðra “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar” review

Naðra “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar” review

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Naðra “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar”
Signal Rex, Vanagandr Distro, Fallen Empire

Argh! I’m really glad I haven’t missed this album! Naðra comes from Iceland, the beautiful and far away country, with some special life conditions etc, but we all know that there are some really good bands, and Naðra became new diamond as for me. The band consists with musicians from Carpe Noctem, Mannveira, Misþyrming… I will be enough honest to tell you I did never heard any of them. And “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar” is the very first album from the band with such mysterious name – Naðra.

All in all here are just five tracks, but around 40 minutes of music. Musically here is black metal, which sounds very and very powerful! In spite this is not some kind of old-school thrashing black metal, their music sounds really impressive. First of all – all those really sick and mad rhythms, sounds very twisted and really full of some madness! The same about atmosphere, the atmosphere is a crying one, really emotional, with both deeply melancholical, enough depressive and really crazy hysterical tunes (mostly about vocals – hysterical screams). The music on the entire album is enough freezing, i.e. you’ll feel pure coldness inside your heart while listening. Sounds sometimes just freezing, sometimes cosmical… Also I like alot all those protracted guitar chords here and there, which were changed by classical black metal chords, sounds really powerful; plus add the same cold guitar solos and those semi-marching rhythms (like on the very start of the second song “Sál”)…

I like every song out of there, and I’m very interested to hear something new from Naðra in the future, and maybe even to see them on the stage! Really memorable, for a long time and impressive album! Total support!


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