NASTY ABYSS: Cryptopsy, Atheist, Serpentslain, Almost Dead, Monastery: March 5th, 2024

NASTY ABYSS: Cryptopsy, Atheist, Serpentslain, Almost Dead, Monastery: March 5th, 2024

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Abyssal Booking and Nasty Events in collaboration with Club Močvara brings us five tons of death metal in Zagreb, Croatia.

Cryptopsy (Canada, Technical Death Metal)

Matt McGachy – Vocals
Christian Donaldson – Guitars
Olivier Pinard – Bass
Flo Mounier – Drums

One of the most influential Canadian death metal bands for first time arrives in Croatia. Formed back in 1992 in Montreal, with bands like Gorguts they are the death metal flagship in Canada. With some line-up changes and style experimentations they still stood as one of the pillars in their genre. In their 30 years carrier they gave us gems like Blasphemy Made Flesh, None so Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You’ll Beg. Their first 4 albums are a must hear literature for any fans of the extreme genre. On May 8, 2023, Cryptopsy announced that they signed with Nuclear Blast Records and revealed the art and details of their eighth album entitled As Gomorrah Burns, the band’s first full-length in 11 years. It was released on September 8, 2023. The album was the album of the month on The band began touring in support of the album upon its release.

Atheist (SAD, Death Metal)

Kelly Shaefer – Vocals/Guitars
Alex Haddad – Guitars
Jerry Witunsky – Guitars
Yoav Ruiz-Feingold – Bass
Steve Flynn – Drums

Other kings of the genre are coming! By the end of the 80es Florida was the heavy breeding ground with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Death, and Massacre. With those was Atheist as well, which is one of the first bands that imported progressive elements in the death metal genre which influenced bands like Death, Cynic, Pestilence, and Nocturnus. Atheist has over 30 years long career with 4 albums, with the first three being considered timeless classics: Piece of Time, Unquestionable Presence, and Elements. Most recently they had signed to Agonia record label and the band plans to release their fifth studio album for the label. This is also their first time in Croatia.

Serpentslain (Croatia, melodic death metal)

Damir Tomić – Vocals
Paulo Mateljan – Guitars
Alen Babin – Guitars
Ante Šimunić – Bass
Frane Belinić – Drums

For local support, a well-known Serpentslain from Zadar. With fast melodies and low-tune chugs, they will more than efficiently fill the melodic death metal side of the evening.

Almost Dead (SAD, metal)

Tony Rolandelli – Vocals
Zach Weed – Guitars
Felix Portillo – Bass
Ryan Glick – Drums

Thrash/groove band from California with 6 albums in their discography with their latest offering Destruction Is All We Know released on Innerstrength Records in January of this year.

Monastery (Hungary, Death metal)

Roland – Vocals
Szabolcs – Bass
Ferenc – Guitars
Krisztian – Guitars
Robert – drums

Death metalheads from Hungary, formed back in 1989 with five albums under their belt with numerous demos and EPs. Their style would be described as death metal in a more modern vein like Devildriver.

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