Nasty Abyss: Diocletian, Sitis, Nefarious Vermin & Haxan King

Nasty Abyss: Diocletian, Sitis, Nefarious Vermin & Haxan King

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Abyssal Booking & Nasty events in cooperation with The Swamp with great pride presents to you an Evil night of metal!

Diocletian (Black/Death metal, Novi Zealand)

C.T. – Vocals
B.S. – Guitars
M.H. – Guitars
R.W. – Bass/Vocals
E.M. – Drums

Diocletian is the band who took the name from the famous prosecutor of Christians. Every mother would take him as son in law, I’m sure.

Created in 2004, with 20 years of existence and 5 full length albums under their belt. Their latest album Inexorable Nexus, which was released this year, excels in their two decades old legacy with vocalist from Black Witchery and Caller of the Storms from the band Blasphemy.

This is their first time in Croatia so we have a good lesson in how rifts are created in New Zealand.

Sitis (Black metal, Zagreb)

Lac – Vocals
Žuna – Guitars
Pavlec – Bass
Vladić – Drums

Although relative newcomers to the scene, their grip and constant concert activity cannot be denied. Their first album Ruina had gathered excellent critics. Their last years had seen many concert in Croatia as well as in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia and Czech Republic with new gigs already in plan for this year as well as a new release.

Nefarious Vermin (Death metal/Crust, Slovenia)

  1. – Guitars/Vocals
  2. – Drums

Formed back in 2018, Nefarious Vermin will fulfill the aggressive death metal department of this night. This Slovenian duo had released two albums: Elongated Misery in 2020 and Abolition of Tradition in 2023. This is their first crushing in Croatia.

Häxänking (Black/Thrash metal, Croatia)

Heretik – Vocals / Guitars
Desekrator – Bass
Armagedon – Drums

A new name in the scene; local Croatian band coming from city of Varaždin playing a deadly combination of black & thrash metal. Some time ago they had released their first album Pogani Spijevi. This is also their first time to play in The Swamp.

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