Nasty Abyss – MystifieR / Craven Idol / Zlobnik – 18 July 2023 / Zagreb, Croatia

Nasty Abyss – MystifieR / Craven Idol / Zlobnik – 18 July 2023 / Zagreb, Croatia

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In cooperation with Abyssal Booking, Nasty Events and club Mocvara this time they bring the Brazilian black metal mystics to give us a lesson in devastation in everything that is holy.

Mystifier (Death/Black metal, Brazil)

Beelzeebubth – guitars / backing vocal
Sorcerer Do’Urden – Vocals, keyboards, bass
Kaverna – guitars / backing vocal
Aapophys – drums

Mystifier is a Brazilian black metal band formed way back in 1989, since the day they formed they formed a unique sonic approach to their genre with a solid dose of Satanism with an underground atmosphere of South America which gets to the peak of their scene with Sepultura, Sarcofago, Vulcano etc.

The first three recordings – Tormenting the Holy Trinity (1989) and Aleister Crowley (1991) – were self-published, while the intervening EP T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns) (1990) was released by Maniac Records. The band made their official label debut in 1992 with Wicca on French label Osmose Productions.

On this tour they are promoting their latest album Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia released via Osmose Productions in 2019.

Craven Idol (Death/Black, UK)

Immolator of Sadistik Wrath – Vocals/guitars
Suspiral – Bass
Obscenitor – Guitars
Heretic Blades – drums

With the membership of Immolator of Sadistic Wrath (vocals/guitars), Scourger (Real Name: James Ashbey; guitars/drums) and J. C. Volgard (Real Name: Jacek Wesolowski; bass), Craven Idol would appear on the scene with the blackened thrash metal release Ethereal Altars EP (2010). Suspiral (bass) would be the featured new member on the follow-up, Towards Eschaton (2013). Heretic Blades would take drums, while Obscenitor (Real Name: Mike Beonetleah) joined on guitars for The Shackles of Mammon (2017) and Forked Tongues (2021).

These maniacs are for the first time in Croatia, as sure as Nine Hells they are gonna make it count.

Zlobnik (Black/Death, Šibenik)

Zorić – Bass/Vocals
Kero – Guitars
Duilo – Guitars
Jere – Drums

As an opening act, the duty lines a local Croatian band from Šibenik; Zlobnik. Formed in 2016, they had so far released their debut album under the band’s name.

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